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hi all! this is a pic of three gladiators, i wanted to make it look like those kind of paintings u see with three frontal shots of fighters or warriors. its inspired by kekai kotaki and justin sweet, both of them rock my socks off and is truely awesome to the max!! =) ahh but somehow i don' really like mine, it turned out not what i wanted it to be haha =p well anyway i'll still post it up, c&c welcome!
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LOL this has to be one of the only cases where the woman is wearing more armor than the men. And it's still obscene (but not really).
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Very nice - Maximus Decimus would have had no chance here
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Your style is fascinating, and I can see the flavor of Kekai Kotaki. I've come to admire some of his Magic: The Gathering cards.
Your fashion sense is extremely interesting.
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all your pics are amazing, so fanciful and epic at the same time
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Nipple ring!

I'd like to learn how to paint bodies of different muscle tone. How would you recommend I go about it?
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Great art but the body of girl looks a few strange!!
looks like gladiators from SHADOW OF ROME on PS2
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thank you!!
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thank you!
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Kotaki is one of my absolute favorite artists and i know which pic ur refrencing, he inspirtes alot of my art as well (which is lacking compared to yours!)great job on all your gallery pics!
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ahhh! yea man kotaki is really freaking awesome! thank you so much for visting my gallery! =D
what you did it with?paint manually (superb) or digitally (GODLIKE!!!~) allround awesomealthough yeah somehow it didnt go right (stiff poses yeah) and maybe the gate did screw things up a bit but yeah rock it (especially the skin!!!SKIN!!!)
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ahhh thank you so much! it was painted in photoshop, but yea the poses are really quite stiff and i guess the bg isn't very appealling too hahaha but glad u like the skin =p
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i love this style!!
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thank you!!
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that is some fine work, particularly the flag and the armor
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ahh thank you so much!!
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wow , wonderful job!
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thank you!!
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great artworks and style!!!
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thank you!!
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