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The Duel

hi all something i squeezed out recently, just felt like doing another duel piece like the harpy one, maybe it'll be like a series like some versus fight illustration or something. its suppose to be some orge gladiator or something versus a female warrior with a long spiked club. well there's still abit of mistakes here and there and this angle is really kinda tricky haha hope it still looks alright. c&c welcome! and thanks for dropping by! =)
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This is very amazing and detailed!!!! Excellent work
I don't why supposedly gifted opponents overlook an obvious setup: skimpily babe enters the ring with a spiked club and the ogre never sees  what hit it!  
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It has a nice mouth.
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Could be an Amazon from before the Greek heroes times showing a creature from the Greek archaic mythological past how to die at the hands of a woman who is the equal of men...!!!
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I always appreciate an artist willing to try a difficult angle. I think it looks fantastic!
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Surely that clothing choice is highly unrealistic?
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True, the Ogre should be wearing SOMETHING on his chest..
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I love the whole set up the colors the angle the action it great
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I'm really digging the monster's design.
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Nice. Did she poke his eye out with one of her hard nipples? ;-)
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i feel enamored with this painting :D
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Awesome work and perspective !
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Beautiful piece. Love the textures on both bodies and the coloring is fantastic. Really like the diffused coloring on the background as well.

One area that is a little hard to read is the ogre's leg where it connects under her right leg. The dark color value of his leg is so close to hers, that it almost makes her leg look overly thick.

Thanks for sharing!
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Not a huge fan of bikini 'armour' in general, however you are amazingly talented. This picture is just beautiful. I love the perspective, how the ogre is towering over her and looking seriously menacing. It's got a very epic feel to it. :o
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It looks amazing. Great perspective. Good job!
The beauty and the beast, reminds me of the movie I just saw, Snow White and the Huntsman... except Snow, in keeping with the Disney tradition, stays fully covered...oh well, we'll just have to wait for the XXX parody version....
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God lives inside you.
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Man, I am digging this one a lot!
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"Now you die, winch!!"
We'll see about that, gruesome."
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Impresive! The ferocity on face of the orge = priceless
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