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Sky Train updated

Hi all, updated this piece of work and changed a few things like their proportions and stuff. Thanks to elsevilla and 2sday8 for their comments, hope it looks better now =) C&C welcome! and thanks for dropping by!
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I would take a ride on that dream train.
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:heart:Love:love:the Camouflage:heart:! 'HOOOAAH!':clap::clap::clap::salute::salute::salute::salute: Thank You!
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It seems very unorthodox for those two girls to be wearing so little clothing on a train.  Is there any reason they are doing this?  Are they going to a beach?
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I l:heart:ove Pokky!
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Seems like some hot stuff is about to happen.
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its interesting that you draw in what seems to be an obvious anime style, and yet you go for enormous amounts of detail, like the crease in teh wrist a and folds of the ridges of muscle on the legs. very well done
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damn good i wish i could watch it on tv
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Super colors!
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too much texture around the mid, they look like they have gills. Really well done the the detail, IM observant : What song is on the iPod Classic? and if this is how i preseve this.... isnt this train taking them to haven/hell kinda thing? so how did they die, because a lot of theories ive read about include what ever you died in is what you wear for the rest of your after life...
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Are they just super skinny or do I see gills below their breasts?
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Hot¡I love this¡
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can't believe how skinny they are, i guess they eat only POCKY. lol. :D nice work
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Very nicely done. I'm impressed.
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My only cc is that there should be more weight shown on their butts or more indention on the seats. Except for the girl in camo, she looks like she's lifting herself a bit with her hands. The only other bit of crit is that their belly buttons should be a bit lower. Otherwise, fantastic work, way better than anything I can do atm.
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I always curious to know what kind of model you use for your anatomies :D
Osom work by the way :dance:
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Now this is detailed...
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Itd be great if there was a 3d anime done in this style.
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