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Samurai cast off

By dcwj
Hi all, been a while since i last posted something been busy with work... anyways i drew this pic a while back, just wanted to draw some samurai girl and stuff, not really happy with her face though but i guess i'll leave it at that for the moment haha. C&C welcome! =)
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(I realize this is about a decade old, but: )  This is still gorgeous... and I love the concept <3.  
FishB84U's avatar
Nice tan line she's got there
FishB84U's avatar
Oh no, I guess she has to fight in just her undies now, oh well.......
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davidwpaul's avatar
Incredible gesture as well as rendering. I'm hooked.

Wow!! Awesome
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Gazzycakes's avatar
i like your painting style.
PapaYeah's avatar
¡¡De los jodidos putos pelos!!
daetymn's avatar
gee effin whiz!
MetaCkelldo's avatar
If she was wearing armor why does she have a bathing suit tan line?
MarsNeverSleeps's avatar

i don't know how i never noticed this one. all the details!
KeiHeartU's avatar
And I thought my eyes where happy when the 2007 camaro was introduced. Bravo on the beautiful artwork!
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darkron's avatar
I need no damn stinking armor
DeltaSigma-2's avatar
That tanline is good!
Ben-Keen's avatar
Hey, good job, man :)
windylarry's avatar
nice job! this is rockin
Swings3tTRag3dy's avatar
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