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MDZ Cherry Ant Queen

Hi all, here is some work i did for MDZ cards. this is an insect queen and her minions.

Work done for MDZ TCG
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Looks like what I imagine a myrmidon queen would look like
Madjoker-DA's avatar
I would like to ask you a question, i'm making a TCG now 
but no mater what art i draw it never look's right.  Could 
u give me some advice or tips for making TCG art?
Oddsakura's avatar
Has to be a Princess, before she settled down into the sedentry life of a Queen pumpinfg out all those workers and soldiers...
vickgaza's avatar
Sweet stuff man I`m loving her purple and the soldiers green, so nice :D
sebastianhaze's avatar
very cool great work
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dude its so so so so so so amazing
qiqo's avatar
I'm loving all this new stuff man! I hope to see more soon!
spgmania's avatar
SHOW OFF!! :D This is pretty amazing indeed...!
lordthanosX's avatar
very very well done epic
ayuICHI's avatar
Fantastic color.
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boorjooy's avatar
Это же просто охуенно! respect__)
Ross-A-Campbell's avatar
outstanding, you got some crazy skills dude ;).
wisplike's avatar
lol ridiculous, I love it.
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Awesome as always
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I am not into insect-girls, but this is pretty cool.
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DjStayFresh's avatar
just awesome design and execution
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