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Light and Chaos

hi all, here's another duel pic. its actually a fan art for warhammer online. its a duel thats going to happen between a chaos marauder and a elf white lion. i really love the design for the chaos marauder and thats y i decided to do a fanart of it. well i'm not really a war hammer fan so if i painted anything wrong please forgive me. anyway its really something i dun usually do so i hope it still looks alright =) C&C welcome and thanks for dropping by!
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This is top of the line artwork! Evocative and with care given to details and colourwork. Have you by any chance illustrated some official pieces for Games Workshop? Given your deft hand at illustrating Chaos, you might be interested in knowing that Warhammer Fantasy have a community driven spiritual successor project under steam. Namely, The Ninth Age:

It is fully possible for previous Warhammer fanart to be submitted to T9A, and if their iconography doesn't constitute IP infringement they may well make it into full army books, full credits given. Obviously, such an ambitious project is always welcoming artists, for artwork is what makes or breaks a professional polished product. This is a chance to have one's fanart under an official stamp, and moreover to develop one's own styles for familiar archetypes.

Note that one has to post two comments on the forum before being allowed to upload images to the gallery (just post compliments in the army blog section or suchlike first  if you would ever like to contribute).

Also, they've recently launched their first Art Contest, this time pitting Warriors of the Dark Gods against others:… Many more contests to follow in months and years to come if this catch on. Something for your talents and tastes, perhaps?

Just mentioning. In any case, great artwork! Have a good day. :)
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I love warhammer and i love the high elves, very good art work with the white lion dude, congratulations!
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Loved the Marauders in that game.

Shame, it flopped :l and is now dead
If it wasn't so much like WoW and if it had a better launch, maybe it could've been more successful

Still the marauder was awesome, and the design of him (especially this helmet, and the armor being pierced through the chest) is one of the best armor/class designs in an MMO for me.
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Seriously love this so much. I am glad I finally found who did it. Thanks a lot for doing it! I have played WAR since near the start... I still play it hehe. Keep up the great work!
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that looks like Hades from GoW 3 lol
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you should design for dark souls.
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This is... AWESOME *_*
The Chaos Chosen was besides my Dwarven Ironbreaker my favourite class
But I love Dwarfs *_*
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wow this is aweSOME!!!
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Now put a chosen knight of Khorne in there and we have ourselves a party! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!
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rhis is simply awesome
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Burn baby burn. My money is on chaos unless light can pull something out of his hat.
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Now that is really cool. Wish I had the creativity to do something like this.
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Great work Dcwj, the scene looks superb, lighting effects and the design of the three combatants is both accurate and perfect. Magnificent work, looking forward to more from you.
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chaos ! my love ! fav this !
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great work the fire and the lighting also the chaos marauder looks great
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Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101:
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Love this pic!!!
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amazing. the only word i can find to describe this
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Very quality work))
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Incredible!! I only can say... Incredible!
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