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Knight Girl Joust

Hi all, been away for quite a while. here's something i done recently its more of like a study for armor and stuff. had a ref for the arm. its not really finished but i kinda like the the roughness of it in a way. well anyways c&c welcome! =)
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If you ever revisit this piece, i request a proper breastpiece. The arm looks amazingly realistic so it's a quite jarring contrast.
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Pretty awesome.  For some reason I feel like she's riding an ostrich like in Joust.
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Not Ivanhoe I suppose, but very well executed - I like the armour and her expression - seems to say to me "how did I get into this?" the situation that is not the armour
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surprise sexy
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very cool but not the most efective armor
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Do you have any like this,but with a boobs more big and showing (nude) for a little referer :D Thanks this is great and helpfull too :D
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Great shining armor...masterpiece!
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The metal rendering is inspiring.
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Jousting in scalemail bikini ? :iconyayzplz:
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Nice texture! Well done.
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thats just the point why does it make sense to draw something like this, no one in there right mind would participate in any kind of warfare or war game with there torso unprotected.
Female bimboes with metal bikinies and armor on everything else are cute but just odd.
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Hey, someone on Ebay sells this as a poster. do you know? I can give you the link. Just type in Joust and it shows up.
хорошая работа
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Beautiful, love the texture of everything.
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love the armor, awesome artwork man
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that's pretty knight good art
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This is very nice artwork, I love how the metal looks- but then I saw her chest. Not only did you just make her look like a slut when she could have been pure badass like Joan Of Ark, she could get seriously injured without protection whilst jousting.

Did you ever see knights joust in their undergarments? No. Why? Because they could have gotten seriously injured.

Sorry to rant, but I prefer practicality over eyecandy for horny dudes. The only place this would ever seem relatively normal would be in a video game..
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