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Really liking the new Dva animated short, Here's my take on her jacket and cap version =)
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This is Amazing!!!
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This is the most Normal Dva fanart I have ever seen. Most of art is 18+ etc. This is perfect. Loveh~
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Wow amazing!!!
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D. Va looks so awesome, nice touches you did. Her smile is so cute. :D (Big Grin) 
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Gotta admit that I like how is just standing there, yet there is a sense that her posture is dynamic.  I also like how you did the background effect with the lighting and how her mecha helps to focus on her.
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this gorgeous. Freaked out pointing emote 
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Amazing work! :aww:
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I love your style... Clap 
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The light effects and details are amazing! This is awesome! :) (Smile) 
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Really nice work
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This is incredibly good. Please think about posting it on Reddit, probably /r/Overwatch. That would give you a lot of exposure.
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I love how she actually just standing there and smiling yet the piece still looks somewhat dynamic :meow: Also the hair is grgeously done not to mention the whole rest of the piece ofc :D Awesome work!
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Wow! This is super cool! Really excellent lighting effects in the background!

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Awesome!! I falling In love~~
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