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If you love everything about D.C., this is the group for you! From Batman, Superman, to the Justice League, Teen Titans, and Young Justice! We support everything D.C.!!!! Come Join us Today! :D
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2,834 Members
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(A word from our Founders and Admins)

:bulletblack: I've been in hibernation for the last 500 years. And as a wise badass once said, "So yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back". Those who kept up with this group from the very beginning to those who just recently joined. Thank you so much for choosing this group for your DC needs. Also, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, to the newcomers. Now for all the naughty people that got away with a bit too much, I will start to take down artwork that I feel offensive and not PG-13ish. Why now? Easy, I own this mother and because I said so. That being said, I do appreciate you being a part of this group. But things do need to change a bit..... a lot. So If anyone does get upset or offended due to some changes, you're welcome to leave the group. But since it is my fault for being away and all, I won't be revoking anyone's membership right now. Now for the future, I will be trying to do a better job at maintaining this group. We're like the top 3 or 4, I believe, on DeviantART when it comes to DC comics groups. And when I founded this group, I wanted to make sure this group stayed alive and grew to be the largest. I didn't expect this much. But we all came together because we just love DC comics. So again, I say thank you to everyone who has made this group flourished to where it is today. And do think twice before deciding to leave, but I will understand if you do. - iMango-SENPAI


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:bulletblack: Be sure to check out what's going on in this month's announcements and activities.

Activity 1

Teen Titans

Young Justice Season 3 Info

Activity 2

The Wonder Woman 2017 Contest was a success!!! Check out the top 3 Winners on our Bulletin Board/Journal Page! :iconimango-senpai:


Featured Artists

(Six randomly selected members every Monday)

TOPIC: Team Up

:bulletred: :thumb623643982: by :iconbiazerod:

:bulletblue: Titans fashion by Gretlusky by :icongretlusky:

:bulletred: Young Justice by RJDJ-Productions by :iconrjdj-productions:

:bulletblue: :thumb542259475: by :icontasiams:

:bulletred: Young Justice by GenghisKwan by :icongenghiskwan:

:bulletblue: justice league by themimig by :iconthemimig:

Gallery Folders

Wonder Woman by wave-of-clouds
Jared Leto Joker of Suicide Squad 2016 by Atonu1996
DC Heroes 2
Green Lantern: a Creation of WILLPOWER by Leck-Zilla
Hank and Don (Ref) by wellofhavoc
Green Lantern John Stewart NES cover parody! by Leck-Zilla
Green Lantern: Reflections of Xanshi by Leck-Zilla
DC Heroines
Holly and Dawn (Ref) by wellofhavoc
Cyclone by wellofhavoc
Wonder Woman x Aquaman by TheGodofCities1967
DC x Platform
Venom-Carnage / Joker-Batman by junkome
THWANK by Nonagesimal
Superman v Saitama by M4W006
Wonder Erza by AwesomeSendpie
Justice League 2017 Contest Folder
Side Kicks
Something Else by wellofhavoc
Cassandra Cain Collage 4 by BlackBatFan
My Venus Doom by AkubakaArts
Young Justice - Orphan (unmasked) kick PNG by venturatheace
DC Villains
Harley Quinn! by Leck-Zilla
Purple Kiss by Toxical-Toon
Joker x Harley: Pierside Love Time by cvgwjames
Young Justice
Starry Kon-El by themeaningofweird
Titans by Darkstorm1364
SUPERGIRL 'Teenage Bedroom Heroines' Print Set by PaulSuttonArt
Collector VS Child by Darkvader2016
Teen Titans
Suit Up by wellofhavoc

Mature Content

FAB1-26 - Looking for something from there? by Sasori-sanin
Teen Titans- Power Down by wellofhavoc
Titans Casual by wellofhavoc
Wonder Woman 2017 Contest Folder
Wonder Woman Profile by FrankenStitching
Moon. Mountains. Mmm. by ThreeFlowersInOne
Wonder Woman And Her Allies by CHCHcartoons
Wonder Woman fan art by YuKo27
Other DC Characters
Excited Knight by Toxical-Toon
DC Original Characters
Batman and Robin by REHone
Aquaman and Wonder Woman kiss by BeeWinter55
Other DC Art
Hank and Dawn (Ref) by wellofhavoc
Teen Titans: Angels In Paradise Pg.4 (Webcomic) by JuwanBuchanan
DC Heroes

Mature Content

Lesbomancy, my favourite type of magic... by Lamdiel02


How to Join

:batman: To join, all you gotta do is click the "Join Our Group" link on the top of this page. If you're not able to join, send a note to either the Founder or the Co-Founder of this group about your situation and they'll be happy to send you an invite. Also, it is greatly admired if you send a note to our administrators on occasion to better get to know and understand each other.

*Joining conditional rules may change in future references. Please be informed to constantly check for updates. Notes and messages that is directed toward the Founder/Co-Founder will be in response ASAP. Given situations outside deviantArt and DCUniverse may account for delays in replies.*


:batman: Please don't slander or bad mouth others while on this page. Treat everyone equal and fair to the best of our abilities. Let's try to be Heroes not Villains.

:superman: No Porn or derogatory submissions. They will be taken down. I understand art is in the eyes of the beholder, but this group is PG-13. So consider what you're submitting if you think it's not appropriate for the target audience. Nudes are fine so long as the "intimate parts" are covered and the picture is not overly sexualized and derogatory. Ask the admins and/or founder if you think your submission may be too mature. The Founder has the final say.

:batman: Please refer us to anyone who loves D.C. This rule isn't required but privileged. Help me by making this group grow.

:superman: Stay Active *If you are an admin in an affiliated group please read the definition of BLOCK PARTY below this article for further event/contest hosting with DCUniverse.*

:batman: Please try to add your artwork to the correct folder. If failure to do so, the Admins or Founder will do it for you.

:superman: Support your group, DCUniverse.

:batman: Original Characters should be drawn/accompanied with a DC character in order to stay relevant with the group's foundations.

:superman: DC Comics only please. (OCs are a different case)

:batman: There will be no tolerance for slander, abusive, and negative language on this page and especially on the blogs.

:superman: Failure to follow any of the rules, may result in warnings (Up to 3 warnings) and/or termination depending on the seriousness of the situation (Terminated members will be blocked).

:D And that's all I can come up with at the moment.
*Rules are subjected to change over time. Please be informed to constantly check for updates.


:batman: Send the Group a note titled "Affiliate" and we will discuss our affiliation conditions.

:superman: BLOCK PARTY - Administrators from groups that are affiliated with us (DCUniverse) that are hosting a certain event/contest, can send a note to our administrators for an invitation of a possible collaboration with members. We'd be glad to help advertise your contest/event within this group.

:batman: A maximum limit of 4 groups are allowed to be advertised and collaborated within DCUniverse at a time until a group's event/contest is expired.

Check out these other enjoyable Groups from the Founder! :boogie::dance::boogie:

:iconarea11cg: A Group that supports Code Geass

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Got something interesting going on? GET NOTICED HERE!!! Just send the Founder a note. Up to 3 deviants for 3 days. We will send you a note on the dates you will be posted on our page.


If you would like to be a Contributor, send us a note titled: Contributor and explain in the note why you want to contribute and how. Contributors have the abilities to vote on specific topics (i.e. journals, artwork, contests, etc.). They play a big role in helping DCUniverse become a safer and more positive environment for all our loyal members. You may also become a contributor by donating points for group upgrades (i.e. points will go toward the goal of becoming a Super Group). If you would love to contribute points for the group, note admin, imango-senpai, for specifics.







Random from Featured

Batman New Flash Suit by clinteast Batman New Flash Suit :iconclinteast:clinteast 16 3 RWBY/JL: HOJ - Beware the Spectre! by edCOM02 RWBY/JL: HOJ - Beware the Spectre! :iconedcom02:edCOM02 394 186 Superman - Son of Kal El by cattle6 Superman - Son of Kal El :iconcattle6:cattle6 13 3 Updated TNBA Robin from Batman Forever by Alexbadass Updated TNBA Robin from Batman Forever :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 67 0 Batman -Profile by Lady-Pixel Batman -Profile :iconlady-pixel:Lady-Pixel 49 7 Legiao do Mal by lurdpabl Legiao do Mal :iconlurdpabl:lurdpabl 13 0 Death by lurdpabl Death :iconlurdpabl:lurdpabl 4 1 Invisibles manga version by lurdpabl Invisibles manga version :iconlurdpabl:lurdpabl 1 0 BTAS Max Shreck by Alexbadass BTAS Max Shreck :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 40 4 JL Batman 89 Bruce Wayne by Alexbadass JL Batman 89 Bruce Wayne :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 44 0 Updated BTAS Catwoman Batman Returns by Alexbadass Updated BTAS Catwoman Batman Returns :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 87 5 Updated BTAS Penguin Batman Returns by Alexbadass Updated BTAS Penguin Batman Returns :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 78 8 Updated JL Joker Batman 1989 by Alexbadass Updated JL Joker Batman 1989 :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 114 6 Superman Lives Wardrobe test final suit by Alexbadass Superman Lives Wardrobe test final suit :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 71 17 Cat Woman Michelle Pfeiffer by IMMayes Cat Woman Michelle Pfeiffer :iconimmayes:IMMayes 49 2 JL Superman (season 2) by Alexbadass JL Superman (season 2) :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 101 2


Familiarize yourself by reading our bulletin page. It isn't a normal journal page where you read every single word or section. Look to the Bolded Underlined Headers for each section and read which ever section that you find interesting. I DON'T expect my members to read the entire bulletin (though it would be nice). Read the sections most interesting to you, then leave a comment if you wish.

Journal Topic

Published By: phoenix771

Watch All The Justice League Trailers In Order

Journal Topic2

Published By: phoenix771

:bulletred:Have you checked out the New and 4th Trailer to Justice League? If not, check it out right now! SPOILER Trailer Talk: Officially it's called "Justice League Heroes Trailer" and with good reason. I'm glad that they didn't reveal too much, but also, this technically isn't their last trailer. I hope they stop at this because I don't want to get a lot of spoilers before the movie releases on the 17th of next month. Too much of a good thing sometimes isn't good. That being said, this trailer was amazing and the song choice, "Heroes" by David Bowie was a perfect fit. A bit CGI heavy in some scenes, but it's Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon did say he wanted to honor Zack's vision and not change anything. Also, the reveal of Superman "but not really" was very clever. I'm more hyped now for this movie than ever. Seems that they got their marketing and advertising on point.

:bulletblue:The next thing I want to talk about is the new BIG DCEU Contest. We're having a Justice League contest in honor of this new movie. more details about the contest, click the links at the bottom of this journal (The section that is bolded CONTEST9s). So click away and start submitting. The Folder will be opened in just a little bit so you can start submitting to that folder. Oh, and FYI, if a submission isn't in the correct folder, I will relocate it in the proper folder. So please follow the rules.  

:bulletgreen: Learn more about the Justice League 2017 Contest by clicking on the links under the CONTEST(s) tab. Learn when judging will start, what prizes are being rewarded to the winners, get specific with the requirements for your submission so you won't have to worry about breaking any rules, and also find out due dates to when you should submit your artwork.  



:bulletred: None


Block Party Info


*If you're an affiliating group and wish to have your event of contest advertised, please note the administrator. Look to the Rules and Regulations page for more info.



:bulletgreen: Note me for any questions, concerns, or wish to contribute for prizes.

:bulletgreen: Have a great IDEA for a contest? Send :iconimango-senpai: a note explaining your contest and rules. (Contest Ideas will be taken to consideration and not guaranteed to be held as an official contest for DCUniverse.)



Mission Topic:


DCU Member                               # of Recognitions



Justice League 2017 Contest

Active:   OPEN

About: Tell me a visual depiction of the new Justice League movie directed by Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon. The best submissions should tell a beginning, middle, and end all in one picture.

As a thank you for your submissions, the first 5 deviants to submit their work will automatically get Participation Points. Though the contest is open, it WILL NOT Launch if we get less than 5 submissions and NONE of the major prizes will be won. The participation points are to help us gain momentum for this contest. Because I know a lot of you are heartfelt DC fans, be one of the first to submit to our contest and get your participation points! :D

(Click the links below for the rules and specifications. Note me (iMango-SENPAI) if you have any further questions.)

Contest Rules

:bulletblue:JUDGING [Click Here]

:bulletred:PRIZES [Click Here]

:bulletblue:SUBMISSIONS [Click Here]

:bulletred:DUE DATES [Click Here]

:bulletblue:DCUniverse HOME [Click Here]


Contest Contributor(s)



Contestants' Submissions

(send me a link to your submission so you may be added to the list.)

Contestants         Submission Links             votes

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