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If you love everything about D.C., this is the group for you! From Batman, Superman, to the Justice League, Teen Titans, and Young Justice! We support everything D.C.!!!! Come Join us Today! :D
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:bulletblack: I've been in hibernation for the last 500 years. And as a wise badass once said, "So yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back". Those who kept up with this group from the very beginning to those who just recently joined. Thank you so much for choosing this group for your DC needs. Also, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, to the newcomers. Now for all the naughty people that got away with a bit too much, I will start to take down artwork that I feel offensive and not PG-13ish. Why now? Easy, I own this mother and because I said so. That being said, I do appreciate you being a part of this group. But things do need to change a bit..... a lot. So If anyone does get upset or offended due to some changes, you're welcome to leave the group. But since it is my fault for being away and all, I won't be revoking anyone's membership right now. Now for the future, I will be trying to do a better job at maintaining this group. We're like the top 3 or 4, I believe, on DeviantART when it comes to DC comics groups. And when I founded this group, I wanted to make sure this group stayed alive and grew to be the largest. I didn't expect this much. But we all came together because we just love DC comics. So again, I say thank you to everyone who has made this group flourished to where it is today. And do think twice before deciding to leave, but I will understand if you do. - iMango-SENPAI


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DWOAH: Harley Quinn vs Junko EnoshimaDeadliest warriors of all historyHarley Quinn vs Junko EnoshimaThe joy and despair of insanityHarleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn info:Height: 5 foot 7Weight: 140lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Baseball Bat, Giant Mallet, Dual Revolvers, Taser Yo-Yo, Pie Bombs, Jack-in-a-box Bomb, Bud and LouStrengths: Ever since her introduction in the animated Batman series Harley Quinn has become one of the worlds most beloved comic book femme fatales, Peak human strength (Despite her lithe frame Harley has shown remarkable strength, Can lift and swing her oversized Weapons like they were weightless, Has knocked out Batman on several occasions, Nearly broke a mans hand by squeezing it too hard, Managed to resist and crawl out of a Gravitational Field that left her in a small crater), Above peak human durability (Harley has shown several near superhuman feats of durability on multiple occasions, Shrugs off falls from great heights, Survived being struck by Killer Croc, Shrugged off countless beatings from the Joker, Laughed off several shocks from an Electruction Chair), Peak human speed/Hypersonic reactions (Can casually dodge bullets from even point blank range, Jumped over a speeding car), Genius intellect (Despite her ditzy demeanour Harley is extremely intelligent, Has a doctorate in psychology), Is extremely athletic and a natural gymnast, Is a master combatant of both Melee Weapons and Firearms, Her physical has been improved twice by Joker and Poison Ivy (Increasing her strength and durability and making her immune to nearly all known drugs and poisons as well as Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin to the point that she jokes that she huffs it for fun), Managed to tame two Hyena’s (Bud and Lou are extremely intelligent even by Hyena standards), Possesses both a Black and a Red Lantern Ring, Both survived in Hell and was kicked out for being too cheery about her situation.Weaknesses: Despite her intellect she is prone to ‘ditzy blonde’ moments, Her feelings towards the Joker whether it be love or hate can be easily manipulated, Despite her enhancements Harley is still below a superhuman in attributes.Junko Enoshima info:Height: 5 foot 5Weight: 99lbsWeapons: Assorted Traps, Baseball Bat, Ice Pick, Grenades, Knife, Monokuma Units, Ultimate Despair TapeStrengths: Is one of the most recurring and arguably the main villain of the Danganronpa series, Peak human strength (Despite her lithe figure Junko has shown feats of impressive strength on multiple occasions, Knocked out Makoto Naeji with a single hit, Threw a metal Wrench so hard it became embedded in a wooden beam), Superhuman durability (Despite being completely human Junko has shown feats of near impossible durability, Shrugged off being hit by a Firetruck, Being burned alive and even being sent out into space before reentering Earth’s atmosphere), Peak human speed/Hypersonic reactions (Scales to Yasushiro Hagakure who dodged Helicopter Machine Gun fire), Genius intellect (Is easily one of the smartest characters of the series, Convinced over 2000 students to commit suicide, Caused the tragedy), Is the Ultimate Analyst (This allows her to figure out nearly everything about someone with a single glance), She is also the Ultimate Despair (This allows her to make almost anyone lose hope and kill themselves).Weaknesses: Despite her superhuman durability it has been inconsistent at times (Was knocked out by Izuru Kamukura), Is so obsessed with Despair it causes her to leave gaping holes in her plans just so she can experience the Despair of loss from time to time, Those with extremely strong wills can overcome her Despair, Her Monokumas had a weak spot in their left eye.Battle begin!(Hope's Peak Academy)Junko looked up from her phone as the sound of a nearby explosion drew her attention, the Ultimate Despair sitting up in her makeshift throne as she called for one of her many robotic Minions “Monokuma!” she snapped to which one of the murderous Bear Bots rushed to her “I didn’t order for one of the Grenade Traps to be set, care to explain what’s going on?”.“I believe we have an Intruder ma’am! They should already be being dealt with” the Monokuma Bot stated to which Junko decided to check by pulling up one of the security camera feeds for the Academy.But instead of a fresh new corpse to go alongside the students she had convinced to kill themselves the screen showed countless destroyed Monokuma Bots and among them a lone woman in Clownish makeup wielding a comically large Mallet.“Sheesh, looks like Toyman had a field day here” Harley commented, kicking one of the ruined Monokuma’s at her feet “kinda cute though, shame about tha Claws and trying ta kill me”.As if on cue as she said that the sound of more Monokumas rushing down the hallway drew her attention, Harley grinning gleefully as a good ten more came at her prompting her to reach behind her as they leapt at her.As the first Monokuma bared its Claws and was ready to slash it was suddenly struck in the face with a Pie, the cream of it coating its visual sensors preventing it from seeing the beeping Bomb that was stashed in the Pie before it detonated, the explosion destroying the first six Monokumas whilst leaving the remaining for ‘dazed’ with damaged sensors leaving them easy pickings for Harley’s Mallet.Laughing to herself as she pulverised the last Monokuma to sparking pieces Harley only stopped when a screen lowered from the ceiling and sparked to life showing Junko’s image on it “now who do we have here?” Junko asked as she eyed Harley from top to bottom, her Analyst ability kicking in telling her everything about the intruder “let’s see, Harleen Quinzel, psychologist, lackey to the Joker”.“Hey! That’s ex lackey!” Harley snapped back “I run my own thing now! And what do ya have my Wikipedia page open or somethin’?”.Scoffing at Harley’s words Junko responded not with words but a button press, opening the floor underneath Harley’s feet to reveal a Spike Pit underneath “bye bye!” Junko beamed almost childishly, waving as Harley fell into the Pit “well that was easy”.Yelping as she fell into the Pit Harley stuck her arms and legs out to press them to the sides of the Spike Pit, showing off her great strength and acrobatics skill as she then proceeded to work her way up the Pit, hopping out a mere ten seconds after she had fallen in making Junko raise a surprised eyebrow “ok, let’s try Grenades!”.With that she pressed another button on her phone prompting several ports in the walls and ceiling around Harley to open up causing a volley of live Grenades to fall through towards her “fore!” Harley then shouted gleefully swinging her Mallet hard as the Grenades came at her.As Harley’s Mallet made contact with several of the Grenades the camera feed went dark alongside the sound of a distant explosion bringing a smile to Junko’s lips, her smiling being short lived however as her eyebrow then twitched “no, she survived that” she stated with a sigh as she then got up “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” she muttered getting up from her throne and collecting several Weapons “I bet the bitch isn’t even that charred”.As stated in the now blackened and destroyed hallway Harley Quinn skipped out of it only with minimal damage, her Mallet having smacked the Grenades back against the wall giving her ample time to duck and cover to avoid the majority of the blasts “”this place is fun! Wonder what’s next for me” she pondered as she tossed her now smoking Mallet away, the wood of it having heavily charred from the close proximity to the explosions as she swapped to her ‘Goodnight’ Bat.Turning a corner and walking through a doorway leading into a large courtyard Harley grinned wider as she was met with yet more Monokuma units, the Madwoman pulling out another Pie Bomb whilst twirling her Bat in her other hand as they noticed her “come on, let’s get crazy!” she exclaimed as the Monokumas rushed to attack her moving much faster than the ones before them.Ducking and weaving as the first Monokuma wildly swung its Claws at her Harley grit her teeth as she felt its Talons rake across her left shoulder, drawing blood as it cut through her costume “oh I’m sending whoeva made you tha bill for that!” she snapped before quickly ducking as a Beast Monokuma lunged at her, its Claws raking at the air where her head had just been allowing her to quickly stick her Pie Bomb to its body and allowing it to fall into the crowd of other Monokumas as the Bomb went off destroying them.Giggling at the sight Harley then turned at the sound of marching to see Bomb Monokumas marching towards her, the Robots decked up in Riot Gear whilst Destroyer Monokumas shot up into the air over them via Jetpacks.As they advanced on her Harley swapped her back for her Revolvers, spinning the chambers before pulling back the hammers with a wild smile, her eyes wide with glee as she then opened fire, expertly shooting each Monokuma in the left eye having noticed a structural weak point in that area after realising that the Robots went down much easier when hit there.As the Monokumas fell Harley sighed rubbing the side of her head with the still smoking barrel of one of her Revolvers “phew, this is quite-a workout” she panted before suddenly grunting in pain as she felt a sharp stabbing pain through her abdomen, looking down to see that an Icepick had been forced through her back and out of her front neatly impaling her.“You’ve been breaking my toys” Junko hissed before quickly jumping back leaving the Icepick inside of Harley as the older woman spun around to try to strike her with the handle of her Revolver, Harley quickly reloading and starting to shoot at Junko who promptly dashed away deftly avoiding the bullets as she disappeared through a window back into the school hallways.“Oh, wanna play hide and seek?” Harley grunted as she then pulled the Icepick out of herself, tossing it aside and holstering her Revolvers before bringing her fingers to her lips and whistling loudly.Within seconds of her whistling the sound of chattering laughter echoed down the hallways before two Hyena’s emerged from them, Bud and Lou eagerly running to their Mistress to which she happily stroked their manes “wanna play babies?” she cooed as she then picked up the Icepick, holding it by the tip and bringing the handle to her Hyena’s muzzles allowing them to get Junko’s scent from it “go find her boys, it’s snack time!” she then beamed, sending the Hyena’s cackling down the hallways to hunt for their prey.Heading into one of the classrooms Junko drew her Knife as she could hear the rapid paw falls and echoing laughter coming down the hallway after her, the Despair steeling herself as the door to the classroom suddenly burst open with Bud and Lou charging through to lunge at her.Lashing out with her Knife as the Hyena’s were upon her knocking her back onto a desk Junko carved across Lou’s side drawing blood and making the Hyena yelp before she planted her feet to his stomach to kick him off of her.Flipping the Knife in her hand Junko then aimed to stab at Bud when suddenly Harley was upon her, bringing her Bat down hard upon Junko’s head as she was preoccupied with Bud, the hit having enough force to break the desk beneath her sending both women to the floor.With Junko pinned beneath her Harley pressed her legs to Junko’s sides to further keep her in place before starting to bring her Bat down upon her head over and over, the satisfying ‘thunk!’ of the Bat meeting the Despair’s skull echoing out over and over but to Harley’s annoyance Junko’s skin barely even bruised let alone her skull cracking.“Come on! Come on! Where’s! Tha! Splatter?!” Harley exclaimed as the floor beneath them started to crack and give way, Junko gripping her Knife tighter as she took the repeated blows to the head in her stride before suddenly stabbing Harley in the shoulder, Bud narrowly missing a bite to her arm as he tried to stop the attack on his Mistress as Harley cried out in pain “fucking bitch!” she then snapped bringing her Bat down even harder upon Junko’s head, the impact of it cracking the rotting floor even more causing it to give away sending both women down to the floor below.Tumbling as she landed in the darkened long since used classroom below Junko grunted as she rolled, groaning at the throbbing in her head before she picked herself up, looking around to see that Harley was nowhere to be seen “come out come out wherever you are” she hissed pulling out her own Baseball Bat when she began to hear a jaunty little tune.Was it...pop goes the weasel?Looking down as she realised the tune was coming from the floor she noticed a Jack-in-a-box that was unwinding itself, playing its happy little tune until the final crescendo as its lid popped open.But instead of the Jack jumping out on its spring a Bomb with a lit fuse shot out right in Junko’s face “ah shit!” she just managed to let out before it went off in her face, the blast knocking her back and straight through the classroom wall making her slam into the lockers in the hallway outside.“Ha! Fell for the oldest trick in tha book!” Harley laughed as she emerged from around a corner, palming the head of her Bat as Junko slowly picked herself up, her uniform scorched and smoking from the Bomb blast “come on, let’s get crazy!”.As Harley then raised her Bat again Junko then suddenly pulled out a remote and pushed the button on it, causing a large screen to be lowered from the ceiling drawing Harley’s attention as Junko then turned on the Ultimate Despair video.As soon as the flashing images started to play on the screen Harley stood transfixed, her already warped mind starting to break even further as she, for the first time since she found out that the Joker never truly loved her, began to give into despair, her Bat falling from her hand as it then inched to one of her Revolvers, drawing it and slowly bringing it to her head, the sight making Junko grin and laugh maniacally.Watching eagerly as Harley then placed a finger on the trigger Junko’s grin fell as suddenly Harley began to laugh “ha! What a riot!” she cackled moving the Revolver from her head and shooting the screen to turn off the Video.“What?! How did you resist that? Now one can survive the Ultimate Despair!” Junko shrieked to which Harley laughed again.“Oh sweetheart I spent years shackled ta an abusive Clown, was in and out of Arkham more times than I can remember and I’ve been to literal Hell! Some flashy little video nasty ain’t gonna do shit ta me! Sick her boys!” Harley snapped back with a snap of her fingers prompting Bud and Lou to rush out from the shadows to attack Junko again.Enraged by Harley’s resistance to the Ultimate Despair and her mocking tone Junko rushed at her whilst Bud and Lou snapped at her, their Jaws snapping at her leg and arm clamping down hard enough to draw blood as Junko collided with Harley, the force of the tackle along with the sheer weight of Bud and Lou knocking Harley off of her feet, all four of them hitting the rotting floor hard enough to break through it again sending them down into the basement floor.As they landed both girls rebounded off of the floor, Junko rolling as Bud and Lou released her whilst Harley fell a few metres away and screamed in pain as a broken piece of rebar that was jutting out of a broken wall impaled her through the leg effectively pinning her in place.Grabbing at the rebar Harley started to try to pull it free, Lou rushing to her side and biting at the rebar himself to try to pull it out of his Mistress whilst Bud attacked Junko again, the Despair reacting faster to knock the Hyena down with a swing of her Bat before striking Bud over and over about the head until he stopped trying to get back up, the Hyena whimpering as blood trickled down his fur.Looking back to Harley Junko was about to insult and go into a monologue when suddenly her Analyst ability kicked in as Harley suddenly pulled out a Ring from her costume and put it on, the images and information Junko was getting from it making her blood run cold and screamed at her to get away and made a tactical retreat.Turning to make her retreat Junko flinched as she felt sharp Fangs around her ankles and looking down she found that Bud had recovered slightly and was now clasping at her leg “get off of me you filthy!” she snapped raising her Bat again when she felt a human hand grab at her side.Looking down her eyes widened in horror as she found the reanimated body of one of the students she had forced to suicide now grabbing at her, the girls neck still red raw and broken from hanging herself as more reanimated students came shambling out of the shadows towards her.“You wouldn’t believe the kinda stuff ya can buy online” Harley commented as the Black Lantern Ring on her finger shown a deep unholy black, it’s power allowing Harley to resurrect all of Junko’s victims in the school grounds which promptly started to advance towards their murderer.Starting to panic as more Zombies shambled towards her Junko started to wildly swing her Bat at them whilst trying to pull her leg out of Bud’s Jaws, the Hyena refusing to let go until Harley whistled for him to come to her prompting him to release Junko and stagger back to his owner who had managed to remove the rebar from her leg.As Junko was quickly beginning to become overwhelmed with the reanimated bodies of her victims Harley turned to take her leave, taking a moment to plant several Pie Bombs on one of the structurally integral cement pillars of the basement before placing a Jack-in-a-box Bomb at its base, giving herself just enough wind up to allow her and her Hyena’s to leave as more Zombies shambled by her towards Junko.“Toodles!” Harley then beamed as she then ascended through the hole in the basement wall, Bud and Lou clambering up the rubble after her leaving Junko to fight off the Zombies to the tune of pop goes the weasel.Cracking one of the last Zombies skulls with her Bat Junko stood panting with her body now covered in bite and scratch marks, her eyes wide and manic as she looked around for Harley only to see her ‘parting gifts’ at the base of the load bearing pillar as the tune reached its end, her eyes widening further and her lips twisting into a broken smile as she realised what had happened and she was filled with the addicted overwhelming despair she loved, the blonde seemingly accepting her fate as all the Explosives went off, destroying the pillar and causing the entire structure of the School to come down upon her, crushing her and her victims under several hundred tons of debris whilst Harley watched smiling from the outskirts.Winner: Harley QuinnNow I’ll admit that this was a match up in which the outcome was set to be completely different until I did some last minute extra research on Harley and realised that she had access to literal Lantern Rings.Without the Rings however the fight would have still been extremely close as even though Junko had the durability advantage along with her Analyst ability to tell her near everything about her opponent Harley had the advantage in every other category, mainly in sheer skill in combat as Harley has always been hands on with her fights whilst Junko preferred to use her Traps and Monokumas to mainly do the killing for her and whilst Monokumas can easily slaughter regular people Harley has taken on and beaten several Metahumans in the past so the Robotic Bears would be childsplay for her.The fact that despite having a weaker durability Harley can take one hell of a beating herself having walked away from things that should outright kill normal people.And people might argue that Harley should have been forced to suicide via the Ultimate Despair Video to which I retort that Harley has gone to literal Hell before and was so ok with her situation that Satan kicked her out for essentially ruining the mood so a video showing her several atrocities would essentially be the same as America’s funniest home videos to her.So whilst I understand why a lot of my readers voted Junko for this fight the fact that Harley has access to LITERAL LANTERN RINGS tipped the favour of the fight to heavily in her favour upon using one that I had to side with her in the end.At least Junko got to have one last rush of despair before the end.
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DC Noir: Issue #2,"Thank you for meeting me here, I really appreciate it"A female voice greeted me once I stepped into the front lawn of the place I was looking for. The relief was notorious in her face when I finally showed upBirds chirping, the lawn being taken care of, even the people greet you when you walk byMost definitely the place that Olsen kid lives inAs for the female voice, it was the reporter from the Daily Planet that came to me last night"I had a feeling that you would do it regardless of my answer. Just one condition, though, if things get too rough--""I'm sorry, but my friend's life could be in danger, I'm not going to back away if I see fire"The reporter glared at me, brows furrowed and standing straightLooks like I hit a nerve there although that was not at all what I was going to say"I was going to say, if things get too rough, get behind me and let me handle it"Lois was taken back by this. I take it not many had allowed her to prove herself"Oh, right. Fine"I chuckled before I got a hold of a cigarette from my pocket and lit it"So, how do you plan to get in?"Lois walked past me and got on one knee, retrieving a small key from under the rug"Not the safest place to hide it""Jimmy never had to hide from someone. Nobody had a reason to attack him" She answered while I helped her up"We'll see about that"She got the key and unlocked the door to the Olsen residence. She was the first one to step in, I was looking out for anyone who may have seen us enterOnce the coast was clear, I entered the house and to my complete tedium, the interior looked exactly as you'd expect it toFurnished, with rugs, bookshelves, and plenty of photos hung on the wallsAccording to Lois herself, James's parents gave him this place when they bought another house and since he was always out, he never had time to redecorateIf I didn't know this, I'd assume this was actually his mother's house"What did your boss say about it, again?"As we started looking around, I stopped to inspect the pictures. One of him with his parents, another one with Lois, and one of himself winning a priceLook at you go, kid"He said Jimmy kept asking to investigate a case in another city. He didn't tell me where or what case, but my gut tells me that Perry didn't think he was ready"I tapped the ashes from my smoke as I placed the photograph down. This place was already gathering some dust, at least nobody else had tampered with it"So the tough guy went on his own""I hope not. Perry isn't a saint, but he has a reason for his actions. Besides, we would've found something Jimmy did run off, he's not exactly subtle""When you're investigating something you're not supposed to, Miss Lane, there's only one way to operate"Lois, on the other hand, was looking at the furniture in the living room. She kneeled in front of one of the smaller pieces of furniture, but then something caught her attention. Next to it, were a few marks on the floor, as if something had been dragged in or out"You hide it..." She mutteredShe got up and turned around to face me"I think I just found what we're looking for"I walked up to her and found the same thing, the marks. Whatever was here had to be heavy, and moved quite oftenI smiled lightly at her once I discovered it"Exactly, well done"I pulled my sleeves up and got a hold of the bookshelf"I'm going to move it, let me know if there's anything behind it"Lois nodded as I began to push. You'd think something of this size would be heavy, but the things here seemed to be lighter on purpose. I heard the reporter gasp not long after I did"There's something in here, a room!"I stopped pushing once there was enough space for us to enter and made sure the windows were closed before we looked around this new entranceIt was dark, illuminated by red lights, a few tables with photographs, scissors, gloves, and more equipment. There were strips hung here and thereI think people called these darkrooms"I've been here a few times, but I've never seen this room before""Perhaps there was no need to""I don't know, I should've found this earlier!"I turned around to face the young woman, placing one hand on her shoulder with a slightly softer gaze. We couldn't afford her emotions to cloud her right now"Lois, you two are close friends, right?"She gave a nod as an answer"Then all of your visits were friendly. There was no way you could have known about a secret like this"She didn't say anything as she pondered my words. I can't blame her, if Bibbo turned out to have a secret hatch in his bar, I wouldn't know either"I guess you're right. What matters is that we have another lead now"That's the spiritI stepped aside and allowed her to enter this room, with me following suit"This one is a lot messier. Makes sense, he wouldn't need to hide anything in here"There were dozens of these strips, it made it a bit hard to navigate, and the light wasn't helping much either. These showed different images, but nothing unusual in themAmong the strips, however, something stood out to me on the wall across the surprisingly large roomWhile the reporter looked at the strips, I headed towards this new piece of evidence and sure enough, I was met with an entire wall of information...literallyA bunch of papers, news, photos of different people, even a logo of a company here and there all connected by stringsLois walked here and her eyes widened by this discovery"Gotham City?" Were the only words that left her lipsAt the center of it all, was a newspaper with the headline "kidnappings increased around the city"So, a case of mass disappearances in Gotham, nothing too out of the ordinary there, but certainly unnervingWithout looking away from this makeshift board, I took a puff"I can see why Perry White didn't want him to go. Gotham is the perfect opposite of Metropolis, not suitable for a young kid like that"As soon as an idea popped up in her mind, the reporter then looked at me with her eyebrows pulled up together" You don't think something happened to him in Gotham, do you?""Can't say anything yet, but if he's there, we know where to go now"I threw my cigarette to the floor and stepped on it"We have to move now if you want to catch him""I'll call Perry to fill him in on what we found. Maybe we can go to Gotham ourselves""Judging by what you said earlier, it won't be easy, so choose your words wisely. I'll stay and look for anything else that might be useful"She nodded before walking out of the room, leaving me to investigate the scene furtherSome of the names of the missing people sounded familiar. I even helped some of them to move on, but I didn't know they were connected like this...Looking around, I noticed that the strips were from previous news or events unrelated to this case. How do I know? Because I just spotted the picture of a military airshipNot much of a connection thereIt didn't take long before I found more, my feet hit something, a handle. It was difficult to spot, but I found it near a tableIt led to a small hatch, though it didn't take much to open it. That only meant that it had already been tampered with beforeWhen I opened it, I confirmed the theory. There was nothing but dust aside from a spot where a bag could've fitIf I had to guess, that's where Jimmy kept the supplies to make the trip to GothamAt least that confirmed the theory we hadI closed the hatch and walked out of the room to tell Lois what I foundAs I did, however, my mind ended up wondering how I got involved in all of this overnightWell, Death played a big part, if I'm honest. While it remains true that I don't usually work in the company of the living, this was differentThis Lois lady came to me after everyone else had shut her down, and from what I've seen, I believe her. That look on her face, she was scrapping the bottom of the barrelLois had too much to deal with, I studied her case before agreeing to work with her. Being the general's daughter could provide some benefits, but that also meant she had a lot to live up toGuess the living do have just as much baggage as the dead, but If we play our cards right, not only will she survive, but will also prove herself as a journalist tried and true...I bet Death is squealing right now...However, none of this would see any progress if her call didn't go right, which, by the looks of it, it wasn'tI saw her in the living room, using the telephone on the table to argue with her boss"I'm telling you, we found information about Jimmy. But we need to leave for Gotham right now if we want to catch him"I didn't hear a clear answer but judging by the woman's reaction, it wasn't a positive one. This wasn't going to workSo I decided to take the phone and talk to Perry White myself, but before she could ask me what was I even thinking, I mouthed "trust me""Aren't you supposed to be chasing headlines instead of avoiding them?"With my back straight and the phone on my ear, I asked the man, who was clearly taken back by the change of voice in the conversation"What the- Who is this?""The detective working with Miss Lane to save your employee's life""She hired a...? Nevermind, what do you want?""You're making us waste time. We need to leave for Gotham as soon as possible if you want the boy to keep living""What do you take me for!? Of course I want him alive! But I can't just send her like that!""Why not? She's willing to make the trip, is aware of the case, and knows James Olsen better than any of your employees. I'd say she's more than qualified for this"I faced Lois as she watched me talking to her boss, then once an idea came to my mind, I looked away with a smirk"Or is there another reason why you won't let her go?"There was growling on the other side, I guess he had run out of arguments"Damnit, detective. Just bring her back in one piece. I don't want to talk to the general if something happens to his daughter""She'll be just fine""Put her back on the phone"I handed the phone back to her, which she gladly took, especially once she caught up with what I was doing"Hello? Yes, sir... Or course... thank you, sir! I'll keep you posted"The call ended and she slowly turned to meet my gaze, what began as a somewhat surprised expression turned into a genuine smile"Thank you for the backup. It worked"With a hint of a smile, I nodded at her. She hung up the phone and stood up from the couch she was sitting in"Perry sent someone to get us tickets for the first bus that leaves the city. I'll get in touch when it's time""Make sure you have everything you need for the trip, Miss Lane. Gotham is an entirely different monster, fortunately..."This time, I approached the phone and started dialing a certain number"I've got friends in there"...White kept his word and got us tickets for the first bus that got us into Gotham City. I had to help Lois with ver luggage along the wayI traveled light, so I didn't exactly need help myself. Although I've spent as much time in Gotham as I had in MetropolisSo it wasn't like I was going unpreparedHowever, as we settled in the bus and the wheels started moving, it became apparent that perhaps, that wasn't entirely the caseI was asked to throw away the cigarette beforehand. Obviously, they wouldn't want the vehicle to smell like that all the wayWithout the vehicle stopping, the world began to decay once again, people rotting and metal corroding. Without a cigarette to offer me some distraction, this wasn't going to be an easy trip... It's going to be one of those trips, isn't it?...Mister L/N?...Mister L/N, wake up...Y/N, please. We're hereThe same voice that greeted me into the house earlier was also the first thing I heard as soon as I was able toI took the hat off my face and back on its place as I sat up to come to my senses. I didn't even realize I had fallen asleepWe were on the bus, people were leaving, some were already gone and by the looks of it, it was our turnNo rotten corpses or decaying metal, that was for sure"You were gone like a light. Heavy sleeper?"She chuckled as I got up and stretched slightly just to get the body alert"You have no idea"We got off the bus with the luggage and started walking our way out of the station"What's next?""We look for a well-dressed man with a sign"It didn't take long for us to find said person. A man of slightly more age, dressed in a tuxedo and holding a sign that said my name on itIt was hard not to smile when I spotted that familiar face"Alfred, good to see you"We walked up to him and I shook his hand. He returned the gesture with a smile of his own"Likewise, master L/N"Then he turned his attention to the lady standing beside me"Is this the guest you mentioned?"I moved aside and motioned at her. She was surprised to see the man, but immediately regained her composure"Yes, meet Lois Lane. A journalist from the Daily Planet"She stepped up and greeted the man as well"A pleasure, to meet you, Alfred""The pleasure is mine, Miss Lane"The butter then returned his attention to me"Shall we keep moving?"After nodding, we continued our journey by following the butler. While he was leading the way, Lois whispered at me"Is this who I think it is?"Her reaction was somewhat adorable if I'm honest"Yes, I told you I had friends here""No kidding, I wasn't expecting you to be friends with the Waynes. Care to elaborate?"Without stopping the march, I looked sharply at Lois. It was her job to get information, after all"Off the record""Absolutely""In a few words, I discovered a plot against them and caught the man who was supposed to kill them in an alley"We got out of the building and walked towards the car Alfred had used to get here."That was you? But the report said it was an effort by the GCPD"We stopped once we reached it, the butler got a hold of her luggage and put it in the trunk, then we opened the door for her"As you have probably guessed by now, I'm not one for credits"She chuckled at this before entering the vehicle, with us following suit. However, I stood there for a momentThere wasn't much of an opportunity when we got off the bus, but now I was given a clear view of the city we were now inLooking at the buildings where previously were none, or the signs, even the previous homes that were now marked for demolitionThings looked different, and yet everything had the same feeling as before"Gotham has indeed changed since you were last here, sir"I turned around to see Alfred looking at me with that fatherly smile of his. I couldn't help but chuckle when I heard this, opting to continue our journey"Let's just hope it hasn't changed too much"Without further due got moving with Alfred behind the wheel"So, Alfred. Would you mind telling me what I missed here in Gotham?""Absolutely, sir. First, Harvey Dent finally became the major after quite the lengthy campaign""The man is good, but I imagine not everyone was happy to have a major that is not corrupt like them""Indeed, but the man knows how to win the public. It will take a while before anyone decides to make a move"Not long after we stopped due to the traffic light, an ambulance came rushing by, which reminded the butler about something"Arkham State hospital has undergone new management too. Whether that is s good thing or not remains to be seen"From the back, the voice of the journalist could be heard"So it is true then, Gotham is always fighting""Pardon me?" Alfred asked while looking at the rearviewOnce she discovered that she had been heard, Lois leaned forward to talk to us"I'm sorry. I'm from Metropolis and the things I've heard about Gotham are... intense"The way she phrased it earned s chuckle from the man, and for a good reason"Well, Miss Lane, it is a peculiar city, although I assure you are in good hands when working with Mister L/N"Surprised, I looked at him only to find Pennyworth smiling"I can take care of myself, but thank you, Alfred""Certainly"I looked out the window, but I didn't see the buildings that were surrounding us. In fact, I don't think we were even in the city anymore"Alfred? This isn't the address of the hotel, is it?""I'm afraid not, sir. Master Wayne had another idea in mind"Alfred kept driving down a lone path, one that he knew all too well and by the time I knew it, a giant mansion came to viewStanding alone, far from the noise of the city, Wayne Manor stood proud...The doors opened and the three of us walked into the luxurious building. Alfred, while carrying the luggage, announced openly"Master Wayne, your guests have arrived"Shortly after that, a man came walking into the scene, a big smile on his face when he spotted usThat man was Thomas Wayne"There you are! It's been a while, Y/N"He approached me and placed his hands on my shoulders as he greeted us"It's good to see you, Mr. Wayne"Then he turned his attention to Lois"And you must be Miss Lane!  A pleasure to meet you"She was taken back by his presence but was quick to regain her composure. This was one of the golden people of Gotham, after all"It's an honor, sir"Still smiling, he nodded before he walked back to the staircase"When Alfred told me you were coming to Gotham, I knew I had to do something"Lois looked at me with a confused gaze, but this wasn't what I had arranged for, so I took a step closer and took my hat off"I'm afraid we're here on a more serious issue""Then you'll be far safer here than in the hotels, there have been plenty of robberies recently"Thomas faced me with unchanging hospitality. He wasn't going to change his posture on the topic, I've seen that look beforeThe journalist noticed it too, but she was faster to talk"You don't have to do this, Mr. Wayne""I know, but I want to""I don't know how can I repay you for this" I finally spoke"I do"He showed me a ticket for something. It was some sort of magic show starring a female magician called "Zatanna", I don't think I've heard that name before, but if Thomas wanted to go, then she was most definitely good"We've got one too many tickets for this show. I've heard it's quite the sensation"I couldn't help but chuckle, no matter how professional I've tried to keep our relationship, the Waynes had always seen me as one of their own after the incident, and considering that Thomas had already gone through so much trouble as to offering his own house, it would be rude to deny his request"I'd love to"He smiled after hearing this, giving me one of the tickets, and walked back to the staircase"Splendid! But for now, get some rest. I imagine the trip was quite exhausting""I'll go make some tea" Alfred excused himself out of the room, already welcoming us into the manorI turned back to face Lois, who was just as surprised as I was by the hospitality but opted not to say anythingLooks like we were staying here after allBefore the man himself could go upstairs, I chose to say something, it was the least we could do"Mr. W...Thomas?"He stopped when he heard my voice"Yes?""Thank you"He stood there for a couple of seconds before another smile appeared. He knew I didn't say that often, but it was always something I meant"Don't mention it"And so, Lois and I ended up staying in Wayne Manor. Martha was away visiting some relatives of hers, so she wouldn't be joining us for dinnerThomas told me about his son, Bruce, who had left with his fiance to travel the world in search of new ways to help the city.I'll admit that at first, I didn't believe the whole "golden family" act and that they were only friendly to me because I solved the case relating to them, but the more time I spent with the Waynes, I grew to realize that it was no act at allIn fact, they were one of the few lights in this city surrounded by darkness. They'd even invite me over from time to time, like right nowAlfred led us to separate rooms that we could use during our stay in Gotham. Their guest room was probably bigger than the apartment that I lived inBut, to be fair, I never needed much anywayThe view from the windows was breathtaking as well, as I looked out the window I came across a good view of a city with tall buildings, plenty of lights, and even more criminals going at it. Gotham, people had told me that you changed, but your essence is still the sameThat is exactly what I'm counting on to find that kid
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:bulletred:Have you checked out the New and 4th Trailer to Justice League? If not, check it out right now! SPOILER Trailer Talk: Officially it's called "Justice League Heroes Trailer" and with good reason. I'm glad that they didn't reveal too much, but also, this technically isn't their last trailer. I hope they stop at this because I don't want to get a lot of spoilers before the movie releases on the 17th of next month. Too much of a good thing sometimes isn't good. That being said, this trailer was amazing and the song choice, "Heroes" by David Bowie was a perfect fit. A bit CGI heavy in some scenes, but it's Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon did say he wanted to honor Zack's vision and not change anything. Also, the reveal of Superman "but not really" was very clever. I'm more hyped now for this movie than ever. Seems that they got their marketing and advertising on point.

:bulletblue:The next thing I want to talk about is the new BIG DCEU Contest. We're having a Justice League contest in honor of this new movie. more details about the contest, click the links at the bottom of this journal (The section that is bolded CONTEST9s). So click away and start submitting. The Folder will be opened in just a little bit so you can start submitting to that folder. Oh, and FYI, if a submission isn't in the correct folder, I will relocate it in the proper folder. So please follow the rules.  

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