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I'm a little slow on the uptake, obviously, but hi. I'm your new founder, avigilante. You can call me Tim, or just call me "avigilante," whatever's easiest for you.

Like our wonderful previous founder, I'm a college student. I don't have 100% of my time to devote. But I do have enough free time, and a love of DC, to give to all of you.

This post is where you leave me suggestions on what you'd like to see here. Would you like the newsletter to continue? If so, would you be willing to contribute to it? Would you like some sort of contest? If so, would you be willing to contribute to prizes, judging, etc?

Anything and everything, shoot it at me here!

ALSO, if I missed anything that got submitted, you have my apologies. Please resubmit so that I or my cofounders can approve it.
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It says we were founded on December 7th, 2009, but that's actually a big lie.

In truth, we came about in March 2009, over at TheDCFanclub. If you like empty profile pages, you should definitely check it out.

I created the club because I could not find any DC-based clubs on dA that weren't inactive, so I vowed to build a DC fan club that would not let it's members down by slipping into inactivity and eventually dying out.

I think we're doing pretty well so far.
Founded 11 Years ago
Dec 7, 2009

North America

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Fan Club

1,556 Members
1,768 Watchers
76,128 Pageviews

Group Rules and Guidelines


In order to join the group simply click the "join our group" button located at the top of the group page. A request will then be sent to us for approval.

If you don't plan on submitting artwork but still want to get blog updates and deviations in your inbox, please simply watch the group instead of joining. This just helps us keep track of people who submit art and makes it easier for me to find someone if I need to.

:bulletred:General Club Rules:bulletred:

1. Read the rules and the Submission Guidelines.

2. Respect other members and their artwork, no flaming or destructive criticism.

3.Keep drama out of our group, please. Arguments or flamewars that break out on the front page, in the blog, or elsewhere won't be tolerated and both parties will either be suspended or banned from the group.

:bulletblue:Submission Guidelines:bulletblue:

1. Any art submitted to the club must be of characters published by DC Comics. We currently aren't accepting art of characters published under Vertigo or other DC Imprints.

2. Artwork must comply to deviantART's policy. Anything submitted must be 100% your own work or must be used with permission from the original artist. No manipped celebrity photos that you found on google, or anything containing something you don't have permission to use.
FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

3. Original Characters won't be accepted. An original character (or OC) is a character created by a fan for fanfics or RPing.

4. Video Game Screenshots won't be accepted.

5. One-shot (single chapter) fanfics only.

6. Nudity is welcome, however it must go in the Mature Content folder and must adhere to deviantART's rules, no pornography. The same goes for bloody/gory pictures.

7. Artwork of "modified" characters won't be accepted. This means anything that contains a character whose appearance has been drastically changed from that of the original published version, such as inflation, anthro versions of non-anthro characters, genderbending, dis-figuration, etc.

This does NOT include modifications of a characters outfit, such things are allowed as long as the character is still recognizable.

8. Please do not submit sketchy, badly scanned, unclean, pieces. this includes works done on lined paper or notebooks. Similarly, please only submit finished works, not works in progress or submitting multiple deviations showing "stages" of a single piece.

:new: 9.If you're working on a project or "series" that consists of a large number of separate deviations, please only submit a few of them and avoid flooding the gallery with your work.

Similarly, please avoid submitting your entire gallery, this group isn't to be used as an art dump to gain more recognition.

DCUFanclub Newsletter

The Newsletter is a monthly news article posted through deviantART's… system)

Basically the main focus is to showcase the best of our submissions throughout the month, but we've also got a few little fun things here and there.

Past Newsletters……… #3)… #4)… #5)… #6)


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