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The World Ends With Mei

EDIT: I keep forgetting to tell people about my facebook page. It's easier to update people with facebook and its less annoying then spamming you guys with journals (which I avoid doing)

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I haven't been feeling well this week but I'm getting a bit better. I haven't drawn anything in a while either except for this which I've been working at on and off for a few days.

Nothing special about the pic but it does lay out a few ideas that were in my head. I've just wanted to draw Annie in a bodysuit for the longest time and I've wanted to do a bg with overcast weather for a while now too! Hope you enjoy the final pic :D

Annie Mei © :iconctchryslerplz:
All work done in :icongimpplz:
•bg ref [link]
•Suit inspired by TRON: Legacy, Daft Punk, and *redjuice999
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© 2012 - 2022 dCTb
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RoboThePanda's avatar
great job but the kneck seems a bit off.. might just be me. keep it up!
joeFJ's avatar
She's in super  mode
BunnyRush2112's avatar
Oh my goodness, for some reason this picture is just breathtaking from her pose to the construction of her suit and helmet. It feels like she's caught between saving the world or turning against it.
Khaelath's avatar
Love teh design of this, she looks pretty cool in the bodysuit :) Nice work :)
Beltizar's avatar
The  awesomeness, oh god, the awesomeness.
puddingpop28's avatar
like many others in the comments, i thought this was lucy from elfen lied :'D
BotanicaRebellia's avatar
I just love the shape of her hair and it's lighting. I wouldn't be surprised if you had dyed your hair pink so you could reference it
TheKoyn's avatar
The first thing that popped in my head was Elfin Lied
BotanicaRebellia's avatar
Yes! that mask for sure!
AndrewStanley's avatar
your proportions are amazing. and i admire the feel of it. it's just so cool
EmeraldWolfStar's avatar
She look like Lucy from "Elfen Lied"
ToruKun1's avatar
Reminds me of Zone of the Enders, tbh. Me likey :D:D
dCTb's avatar
woah, never heard of that--they've got some great character art from what i googled
Mokojoko's avatar
Yes they do. It was done by Yoji Shinkawa, the artist that created the entire look of the Metal Gear saga : ).
ToruKun1's avatar
Yeah that series is one o' my faves
Nankaimo's avatar
wooowww oh my gosh this is sooo awesomee *o*!!! I LOVE the helmet it looks so cool and she looks so hard core! the anatomy is amazing too!
yarizui's avatar
haha reminds me of cashern from cashern sins.... does she happen to be an immortal killing machine with a heart by any chance ... o.o?
alvl's avatar
Nezotholem's avatar
I really like the design… very nice
OriginStory's avatar
WOW this is such an original design! :omg:
xoxbattleangel's avatar
God! She looks like a total badass
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