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TRON: Legend of Korra

So this is what I had planned to upload on Halloween: A crossover of the Legend of Korra and TRON: Legacy! The idea came to me after reading a comment from ~glenboy26. I'm actually surprised there isn't more crossover's of these two because there's just so much that could be done! I mean, Quorra and Korra pretty much have the same names (with different spelling) and they're the only one of their kind who have the potential to change their world. Sam Flynn almost has hair lilke Mako lol. Disc Wars and Probending are awesome arena events. And every time Amon rises up on one of those stage lifts in LoK, I'm reminded of that awesome scene where Clu and his people arrive in Kevin Flynn's pad on the lift haha

Anyway, just enjoy the picture! There's also a song I made to accompany it which you can find on my tumblr if you follow the link to my soundcloud, you can actually download it for free (if you actually like it enough lol ;))

Legend of Korra © Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dimartino
TRON: Legacy © Disney
Artwork © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
•Light suits and background were referenced from the movie
•lens flares from a website were used. I can't find the specific site but here are some google image results that are similar [link]

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Picture: FiRe FeRrEtS

Me: wheeze

Very cool, the outfits and the discs are perfect. Just...Fire Ferrets?

Sharkfanofthesea's avatar

so bloody cool mate

I usually don't go for crossovers like this, but this is pretty good

MariDarkMoon's avatar
I FOUND IT!!! I LOVE this picture!!!
Archimedes-Theory's avatar
And now I have the Tron: Legacy soundtrack in repeat in my head once more. Great artwork!
SkullStriker10's avatar
This is amazing! Is it wrong that I wan't this to be the text avatar show?
KeybladeDesigner15's avatar
I take it to those who wield air will have white light-circuitry 
ukimalefu's avatar
this is AWESOME

I want to watch that show
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MartyrFan's avatar
Now this is an interesting crossover. Really like how their circuit colors line up with their respective elements.
davidstrife1's avatar
I love her gloves.
IdioticBird's avatar
korra's so fking smug i love it XD
Evejones6's avatar
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
I wish this was a real thing. I'd watch it in a heartbeat! :D
Deathfirebrony's avatar
This is an alternate universe I wish would exist!
cool I luved both those shows for the art styles and storylines 
OtakuRena's avatar
You sent this to janet varney right? i talk to her through email :] such a sweet woman!
Cottagecheez's avatar
I always thought that the arenas where similar! Great work!
srmeyers97's avatar
I wanna see more so much!
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Ok, this is awesome.
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