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My take on the Powerpuff Girls for the Artgermination group challenge!  It was a lot of fun and I felt really really nostalgic putting the whole thing together.  You might even notice a few random details that'll remind you of something!

Powerpuff Girls don't belong to me ofc
Artwork © dCTb
All work done in GIMP
    •Details and WIP's here:…
    •PRINT IS AVAILABLE ON STORENVY (better prices in 3 sizes):…

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© 2014 - 2021 dCTb
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I still want to cosplay this version of Buttercup
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Hi its been a while! I would love to see each one have their own spotlight so we can appreciate them more with the style you gave them. So far this is my favorite one (style wise).
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
It's great. By the way, do you have a reef sheet of them in high resolution?
MaxiLesk's avatar
Necesito ver a Bellota (Buttercup).
Spynmaster's avatar
I like how this looks.
I really like this!
LadyMagicfairy's avatar
It would make an epic adult swim reboot.
Maria-Korneliou's avatar
Fantastic take! You have a great art style.
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I saw your Powerpuff Girl art on pinterest but the link was broken. Did you delete the other picture of all the girls and their costumes? Also I didn't know the powerpuff girl art and the Annie May art on tumblr was done by the same artist.
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please tell me Bubbles holding a fried chicken leg is a call back to the Pilot where Fuzzy Lumpkins turns her pig tails into drumsticks. if so, u are a hardcore ppg fan dude. 
SuperNeonMonkey's avatar
is that a mojo jojo jacket? :o 
okay21's avatar
why does bubblegum look like she's holding a chicken leg?
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Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
Katty93Cat's avatar
This is awesome! So realistic and cool!
lukemtraver's avatar
They should remake power puff girls so it's like dragon ball z and make it look like your design that would be cool
bronybyexception's avatar
I like these designs, they're reminiscent of the designs of the various Red Ribbon androids from Dragonball Z
NahXIII's avatar
I cant handle this much awesomeness, im gonna pass out
k-cupid's avatar
Awsome101Kayla's avatar
Wow! This is amazing :D
VactuART's avatar
I feel like Bubbles should have had a icecream in her had instead of the chicken , BUT YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING .
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This is AWSEOME!!!!
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CHILDHOOD IMPROVED!!!!Yep Yes Yessir Wink and Dimples NOW DANCE!!!dance Ninja icon Sir Budder Stache Bewbis GIF Obito Dancing!! FREE Pixel Freddy Dancing FREE Pixel Bonnie Dancing The Rabbit does another little dance 
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