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SPEEDPAINT ON YOUTUBE!! (its...really sped up...oops lol. had to cram 10hrs into 10mins!)

Random big bunny blaster FTW:iconniceleonplz: (the design of that was done on the fly lol)
People always ask me if my character's have stories to them and if there's more that I want to do with my OC, Annie Mei. I do have ideas and they're quite scattered and random and all other kinds of unorganized but some pictures that I've previously done have given little hints as to the ideas that do I have. Annie Mei's bodysuit, the May Gunn twins, the awesome school girl; I want to try and take a bunch of different elements and put it all into one project. I'll continue doing pictures as I get more ideas and I hope you enjoy them!

Annie Mei © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
•Process inspired by SeageSpeaks and Kawayoo


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© 2013 - 2022 dCTb
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That is fucking awesome!
ToonZ-time's avatar
I just love the look on her face XD =P (Razz) 
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This is so frekin cool idk what to say
You should name it Scotch, dCTb. As in, hopscotch.
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I'm reminded of Bunny, a character from the co-op original setting Whateley Academy (sort of X-Men meets Lovecraft). A ditzy blond bombshell who also happens to be capable Devisor and Gadgeteer (the former build devices that only works for them; the latter builds super-advanced technology; she does both) using the twin themes of Eggs and Bunnies for her gear:

Eggs, because the shape is one of the strongest and most versatile geometries.

Bunnies, because it matches her name and they are cute.

That cannon looks like something she'd build.
tomytieneblas74's avatar
That's some handcannon!!!
BunnyRush2112's avatar
The bunny cannon is really cool and her pose is so awesome!
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where did you get the reference for the pose?
MrOtakuBR's avatar
What is does green balls in her hair?
O-Draws's avatar
I love this! It's so ridiculous!
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It's rare that I say that but I love your gun!!
the mouth reminds me of a kitty .w.
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I really like this picture. I like the outlines and the pose. AND I REALLY LIKE THAT YOU ARE USING GIMP. I really can't get around to use it more often, but you clearly show that this program is all it needs. May I ask how you did the black outlines?
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bunny doomsday device :la:
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I can't believe you did this on GIMP!!!!!!! It's amazing!!! That bunny blaster is awesome too!! :love:
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If this is going to be a book , I would totally buy it!
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Super cute & most powerful weapon! Wielded by a top notch sci-fi Mei !
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I though about that being a name for an OC, but I figured it be too strange. This totally chances my perspective.

P.S: How much for the bunny gun?
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I really want that bunny gun.
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reminds  Neon Genesis Evangelion
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