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Korra Waterbending

By dCTb
Program: GIMP
Frames: 38 [@10fps]
Time: MANYMANYhrs+

Back with a fourth Korra animation! I haven’t done any waterbending since I thought it would be hard to do.

I was right.

And I didn’t listen to one song on repeat while working this time…instead I watched, the Twilight movies. ALL of them. Back. To back. To back.

Fun times :I

Korra belongs to Bryan and Mike.

Other Korra animations:

And some of my favorite fanmade Korra animations from other deviants! (I hope they don't mind the random feature here:
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© 2012 - 2021 dCTb
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Your animations are so good!! Impressive. Most impressive Clap 
Sodee's avatar
This is so smooth and beautiful. Never stop! You're going places!!
PevenFactory's avatar
Beautiful animation =)
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Such fluid and fascinating animations! Gosh you did great! No you did WAY better than great^^ Hope you'll do some action scenes, like combat scenes or something^^ I'd also would LOVE to learn more from you^^
randychen's avatar
why are you so good!?
NAFERI's avatar
You are fucked up.
That is perfection, bye.
actualbagel's avatar
Dude, are you one of the people who actually did the animations for the show?!

Like WTF
prongsthepraetor's avatar
TheMagnificentArtist's avatar
Is it really 38 frames wow lol I made a stick figure animation and it took me about 810 frames and your 38 frame animation is damn right good.
kitosarrah's avatar
youre awsome!!!!!!!!!
phoinexsun's avatar
All of these animations are amazing!!! So creative it makes me wetXD!!!!¡!¡
coryalexandermills's avatar
this is great! so fluid! been using photo shop to animate, hopefully i can get to this level
surfknasen's avatar
This looks like it's from the show, WELL DONE!
Kokoriii's avatar
Haha i feel like a good song to this would be like:
eye of the tiger
AlastaAsparagus's avatar
Are you sure that you're not an animator for the actual show? XD Great job!
AkemiAya's avatar
what d0 u use to animate
pika-chan2000's avatar
This is just absolutely amazing I want to go into animation in the future and you're just so amazing!
BloodCurdlingRaccoon's avatar
The water flying towards the camera at the end of the shot fascinates me most in this piece. It's incredible how fluid it appears to be.
Love this - her movements and the flow of the water is just great.
Okay - I've got to start watching the show.
Meownimator's avatar
now that I've watched LOK, every time I see old ladies do Tai Chi in the morning I think of waterbending ;0;
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