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Introducing . . . the Koala Otters!!


Miki's all working the crowd like :icontuzkiloveplz:

Tarou's a bit embarrassed of Miki's showboating :iconfacepalmplz:

and Ahnah is lookin' fine :iconmotherofgodplz: and driving the fanboys crazy :iconfoamingmouthguy: loving how adorable her brother and his girlfriend are :icontinoplz:

►This isn't a real probending team and the Republic City group doesn't allow them for our oc's but *ok-yc, ~Loureil and I have been talking about the three of our characters being a PB team since they've all become really close friends (two of them being siblings lol ;) ) and they each covered a different element! The conditions were too perfect to pass up!

Miki © *CT-Chrysler
Tarou © ~Loureil
Ahnah © *ok-yc

All work done in GIMP
•All work done from scratch. I really need to learn how to do bgs properly orz
•Drawn to look like it came from the show :D
•reference for the uniforms and the inside of the stadium taken from screencaps provided from here: [link]
•Miki's pose is referenced from Hulk Hogan [link] ;)
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© 2012 - 2021 dCTb
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nicely done! luv your work!!! you totally deserve my watch!
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"Boom. Boom. Fire Powah!~" XD Miki reminds me of that statue from Night at The Museum :3
Oh, the puns you've made in saying that. X3
ChaoticAquarius's avatar
huh..EXO : Kai Ponder 

...well....isn't that humerus?
Chanze3's avatar

this'll be great~! we need more bending
N0X10U5's avatar
Draaaaaaaven! :icondravenplz:
Edlic's avatar
"Look at me! I'm so fab!" :D
Jazmin-Jazz's avatar
The background looks like the original!!! Amazing work!! :squee: 
DieHard-Kataanger's avatar
Dang this looks like something from the actual show! Nice work!! :)
Manga-Samurai's avatar
You use gimp really, can you do speedpaint videos to show me your ways please^^
dCTb's avatar
Ah find my youtube link on my profile page!
Manga-Samurai's avatar

I did and the gimp you use looks a lot different from the gimp I used
tsumefan2's avatar
miki is a show off XD
EmbracingImagination's avatar
Loving Miki in the background!
101Tigerheart's avatar
I thought this was official artwork for a second! You're really talented! :D
Journie's avatar
Dang, that looks official! Nice job!! :icondayrikuo-la:
tomytieneblas74's avatar
LOLZ Nice Pose !! :rofl: one draw like this...
moutaouaguid's avatar
gimp عمل جد جد ممتاز أنت فنان محترف لبرنامج
JoviGrey's avatar
lol i love the pose!. i wish i got into this series it looks hilarious an action packed.
Banette-at-Heart's avatar
:iconfoamingmouthguy: This is amazing!!!
emiliano47's avatar
this is awesome!
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