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Black Panther

Everyone in Civil War was great but this guy was already my favorite before I even saw it!
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R.I.P Chadwick Bosemen you have honored this great an by making this amazing piece of art i love it and he is y favorite character to

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RIP Chadwick Boseman
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How do we feel about him NOW?
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Black Pantherrrr
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Beautiful work!!!
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I only saw civil war because he was in it
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I'm glad you agree
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Very nicely done
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Dude, seriously! I love this character! Even when he's not in his suit he lands like a cat and everything, he's just badass =w=
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OMFG!!!!!! black panther!!! You're amazing!!! *faints*
I gotta say: Disney NAILED this guy both in design and personality.
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wow you did it men , this looks sweeeeeet !! :-D i would make a fun mascot design based on your concept i will shear on the same group as you as well ... :-D
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he is the sexiest ///
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awesome, great pose!
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My goodness I love this! great work, as always!
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