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Avatar Korra

By dCTb
Avatar Korra, master of all four elements . . . and facial expressions.

Legend of Korra © Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dimartino
Artwork © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP

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© 2012 - 2021 dCTb
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I think korra is beautiful and awesome and nice artwork of her
ArticWolfClaw's avatar
I saw the thumbnail expecting to find an epic and serious piece of artwork but instead I burst out laughing! XD still epic though =P (Razz) 
dedenaser's avatar
love your work <3
EmmaBakos26's avatar
WOW!!! This is fantastic!
Thorvakas's avatar
Truly stunning work.
CrystalKirby642's avatar
I like your art! It's beautiful!

(Korra is indeed the master of facial expressions, but she, of course, cannot be the only one.  Lin Beifong Emote (DAT FACE DOE)  Bolin Emote eww WTF plz asami emote EWW WTF 

But when it comes down to it... Korra I See You  Korra Epic Freakout Scream Plz Hmm.... Yeah)
NAFERI's avatar
Dat face xD and that waterrr!
prongsthepraetor's avatar
Her expression is on point
OtakuRena's avatar
Fantastic! I have no words for the amount of awesomeness im looking at!
SocQA's avatar
elemental badass boss-ness, fantastic work
Ch00ky's avatar
"Im a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch"

thats I all I could think about
VampirialReaper's avatar
how do you make the fire seem so bright?
Astralion's avatar
fantastic work , Wow
winxsome's avatar
Wow really want book 5
luztremula7254's avatar
shelby1309's avatar
Her facial expression is golden
ArtsyBlueWolf's avatar
She is not whelmed.................................XD
You made my day!!
dell7121995's avatar
Don't underestimate your oponents, Korra
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