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:iconctplz::iconsaysplz:I'm still not good with words but I always want to give many thanks to all my watchers. There's more than 3000 of you now and it's so motivating for me to know that there are that many people who look forward to see what I draw. You make this hobby of mine even more worthwhile then it already is with every view, fav, and comment. I used to avoid sharing my work but now I can't wait to upload my newest picture online. I dedicate this one to all of you. STAY AWESOME. :iconsuccesskid2plz:

Also, as a side note, I would like to start featuring other artist's work in journals. I don't know how that will go but I'd like to share the art on dA that I appreciate with my last two months of premium membership (I need to renew that :T) I hope the artist's I feature won't mind . . . I've always hesitated to feature people because I'm afraid they might not want unwanted attention or something :I

Annie Mei © :iconctchryslerplz:
All work done in :icongimpplz:
•First time designing/creating an air vehicle...thingy
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BunnyRush2112's avatar
Wish I had that hover scooter! I also really love the style you dressed her in. She looks like Summertime.
Hearstar's avatar
I love those hair details!!! and that Snapback~!! Lol Thats the cutest thing~
Foxy-Knight's avatar
I always love flying bikes and the biker looks like a real hot number.
PVproject's avatar
Awesome piece!
jakobdam's avatar
Cool! The hat is very Molly Hayes-like (Marvel-character) :D 
JPRKDesigns's avatar
This is really awesome, you did all this in gimp?
artismiaclaire's avatar
this is such a fun piece!
AndrewStanley's avatar
i love the fun positive vibes of these
Wei-mei's avatar
I absolutely adore your drawings
suprem0's avatar
Calls to mind Nami and her waver. Fantastic work, lovely colours, what i'd give to do the same.
Kiyorouh's avatar
That picture is amazing, really awesome! <3
AlexLandish's avatar
Amazing stuff, man! Keep it up!
Dinhosaur's avatar
Oh yeh those proportions... mmm. Awesome work bro! The colours are really sweet haha.
LGMarchele's avatar
Can someone suggest this as a Dialy Deviation, I dont know how and this deserves it! CURSE YOU! 
sonobeno's avatar
nice solid work!
MisterStrum's avatar
Amazing! Beautiful colors and very hot.
BramLeegwater's avatar
Beautiful colors and amazing scene, so great JOB! Love it!
blazi76's avatar
This is seriously awesome. Your gallery is impressive
UbiquitousCreator's avatar
How long did it take you to do this since it was done in gimp 0_o GREAT work.
RiceBalls4Me's avatar
I feel like your art style changes drastically per image OwO
dCTb's avatar
goes to show how inconsistent some of my drawings can be ha
dCTb's avatar
thanks so much for the feature!
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