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AMP|Running AnnieMei-tion

Another animation of Annie this time just trying a 6 frame run cycle.

If you have a question about animating, I'm not the person you should be asking.  I did flip books as a kid and did half a year of animating in college and I didn't retain any of that knowledge.  I'm just good at making a bit of sense out of sequential images.  My only tip would be to study gestures, good animation, and take a class if you can.

AMP; Annie Mei © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
    •Reference used…

AMP|Flipping Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Swing and a Miss Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Cliffhanger AnnieMei-tion by dCTbAMP|Annie's Ability Test by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Xii vs Megan by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Punch by dCTb

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© 2014 - 2021 dCTb
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Wow it's so clean and smooth looking! How do you get that lighting at the end after it's colored?
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that's really just 6 frames? 0.0    I have a lot to understand about animation...
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Great! Very dynamic :)
+fav Clap +fav 
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People apparently don't read the description you made for them.

Program used: Gimp
Frames: 6
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What program do you use for animating? 0:
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Great work, can I ask how many frames this is?
igneel154's avatar
That's Awesome and Cool! :D
Kronosx2008's avatar
Love how you move from the "pencil sketch" b&w to the fluid color work.

I really enjoy your work.
IvorySol's avatar
I wish I could run like that! (Looking cool, I mean. :) )
Ismail-TNI-Sanusi's avatar
That programs did you use for this?
No-Gunz-Outlaw's avatar
I thought it was Jessie from Team Rocket at first.
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How did you change the lighting from the second to last step to the last one?
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Lovely continuous motion!
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omgeeeeez! I am re seeing this since taking animation and I know what fps means!! yay~ I really like your anniemei-tions and I even told a classmate  of mine about you. Her name is Anastasia or "annie" for short. I'm going to show some of these to my teacher so he can show them in class. By the way I know you say study gestures and animations themselves, but for studying animations themselves do you not end up drawing in a stylized way like the animation itself? Also I know you use gimp but how did you record the frames together in gimp?

Thanks for the inspiration!!
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enjoying the animation work, im sure it must take forever!
keep up the good work !
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What program are you using for animation? 
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He uses Gimp for everything. 
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Cool.  Thanks!
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So awesome! *_*
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Ahah, I love that character :D
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