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GIMP - "AMP_I" Timelapse video on YouTube!!!

Artwork for my original music to help raise money to host a table in the Artist Alley of ANIMENEXT!! If you'd like to help support me, listen to the music and if you like what you hear, purchase the album on bandcamp by following the link below:

AMP_I album

Annie Mei © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
•Art inspired by Andre De Freitas


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© 2013 - 2021 dCTb
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Beautiful work!! Do you mind if I try to redraw and post it?
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It seems all the pictures that I have saved on my phone are from DeviantArt this is one of them
It's really great m8
Im not sure if you play league of legends. But this would be an amazing Syndra skin. Good work btw!
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I made a weak attempt to draw this pic  ; - ;

 but omG It's BEAUTIFUL 
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awesome piece i love the process videos thanks
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sighs in grievous content
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Such an awesome piece. Really glad to have found it.
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 i just want to say im new on here but i love this picture its so freaking amazing !!
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lovely art thank you flower 
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My favourite of your Annie artwork :heart:
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I don't know why but this is probably my favorite piece done by you o:
I really love the flow and detailed simplicity of it all <3
It gives me a tranquil feeling and all together is very lovely c:
So, bravo~
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Amazing art piece, incredible coloring of her hair, what an indescribable feeling...   
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See-Teeeee :U It's greydamage here <3
Someone added me on steam who has your work on their user icon... small internet!
So I asked her about it, she says she's a huge fan <3 If you're bored and have steam, feel free to come play some games with us! C:


<3 stay safe
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Yoo whats up grey!  Small world wide web indeed haha I don't have steam or anything but feel free to pass along my gratitude to her!  Thanks for letting me know haha
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