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AMP|Cliffhanger AnnieMei-tion

This one is a bit sloppy in parts but I had the cliffhanging move in my head and just had to realize it through animation.  Anything after the flip was improvised with an impromptu effects test for a bit of Annie's ability.

If you have a question about animating, I'm not the person you should be asking.  I did flip books as a kid and did half a year of animating in college and I didn't retain any of that information.  I'm just good at making a bit of sense out of sequential images.  My only tip would be to study gestures, good animation, and take a class if you can.

AMP; Annie Mei © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
    •About 60 frames

AMP|Flipping Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Running AnnieMei-tion by dCTbAMP|Swing and a Miss Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Annie's Ability Test by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Xii vs Megan by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Punch by dCTb

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© 2014 - 2021 dCTb
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saralexxia's avatar
What's she doing exactly?
ChacoPunk's avatar
That is really cool. I am a dummy! 
Jiekkun's avatar
pretty bad ass
OrikaPictures's avatar
Truely fantastic 
JaqueNew's avatar
Thats so awesome :3
4everacow's avatar
Frames per second
MistytheRandomFreak's avatar
No i was just asking what was her fps.
4everacow's avatar
Oh sorry my bad.
dinoCYANIDE's avatar
What do you use to put all of the frames together?
Prophet-Blaq's avatar
Man, this is wild. 2D animation is a trip to me. You aint got free range to rotate the camera, you have to "see" the motion in your mind b4 you start in on a have to freakin DRAW stuff! People don't respect this form of animation like they should yo, all the work that goes into it. You do crazy beautiful work, and your key poses are hella expressive and dramatic. That pitch frame when she throws the light, priceless:D
Don't sleep on your eyes fam, being able to see that mess in your head is crazy let alone improvising any of it. Thats one of them crazy autistic artist skills that don't get passed out to everyone lol
Love the work akh :icongrin--plz:
bubbleshoot101's avatar
So wait does the suit give her power or is she just super human ?
SvaTz's avatar
Birdy the Mighty??!! This looks amazing!
Synccantia's avatar
This is awesome! Marco Is Amazed Emote 
Spifmo's avatar
so what, she can like throw her orbs and sort of teleport to them?? that's kind of neat.
Ronjiedafne's avatar
You are very talented, I am  surprised.

Keep the good work, you should make some mini series, I know they will be interesting >uO
RykeLightX's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
OwlWolfRaven's avatar
If you had your own cartoon tv series... I'd be the first one to watch it! :D
ziggylarkdust's avatar
this reminds me of Birdy the Mighty
xXAlexisDelXx's avatar
yes it does and i love it
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