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AMP|AnnieMei-tion Xii vs Megan

I gave Megan a staff and wasn't satisfied with still sketches of her wielding it so I freestyle animated something when the inspiration hit!  Despite the lack of planning that went into this, I'm still super happy with the way it looks.  It's hard to stop watching it loop over and over!

For those who might have questions:  The animations 54 frames played back at around 10 fps and drawn using GIMP.  No visual reference used; just freestyling in my head and using myself as ref on tricky parts I couldn't visualize mentally!

AMP; Xii, Megan © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP

AMP|Flipping Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Running AnnieMei-tion by dCTbAMP|Swing and a Miss Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Cliffhanger AnnieMei-tion by dCTbAMP|Annie's Ability Test by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Punch by dCTb

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© 2015 - 2021 dCTb
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This is some top tier stuff right here! This is really inspiring as well.

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this is incredible, ive always wanted to learn the secrets to animation
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First of all dCTb, I love these characters, they are all awesome!  Annie's powers are really unique, I've not seen anything like it before.  If you don't mind my asking; what are the other girls' abilities?  I remember seeing you type something about all of your girls being super powered so I was just wondering.
Micah323's avatar
gotta love those sexy smear frames
jallenq's avatar
Is there anyway to watch this non looped?
jallenq's avatar
Do you use a Lenovo tablet?
icancomic's avatar
Very nice!
I love it...:happybounce: La la la la 
Superdaughter2's avatar
awesome!! how you move both at the same time? i just am curious and want to learn much about it -cursty- please and thank you 
NiseiNinja's avatar
love this! Great job!
LorienJones's avatar
What program do you use for the animation?
RetSamys's avatar
It says GIMP in the description. I use that too, but not nearly as proficiently. I mean, look at those smears!!!
LorienJones's avatar
Gimp is so complicated. :'(
RetSamys's avatar
I'm sorry it doesn't come easy to you. Let me know if there's anything, anything at all, I can help you with.
LorienJones's avatar
Ains you're so nice! Well, for me it's complicated the painting part. I don't like very much the brushes! 
RetSamys's avatar
Painting is not the only way to animate. Drawing, sketching+tracing, using paths/vectors as well as combinations are alternatives. There's also computer-assisted animation and 3D animation. Lots of options, all require time and effort.
LorienJones's avatar
Yeah, you're right! The only thing I don't know how to use are the vectors thing. But I'll give the best I can! 
RetSamys's avatar
I can help you with the vectors. But it largely depends on the program you're using, some don't have the tools.
Vanqvisher's avatar
Ooh, I like Xii!!!
Untraceablemystic's avatar
This is so awesome! I live animation, especially the fight scenes! It looks so fluid.beautiful!
dimifrost's avatar
around how long did this one take to make?
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