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AMP|Annie's Ability Test

Got a new Annie Mei-tion to share!  This time its a test of Annie's offensive capabilities for her power. Just exploring some options around a certain concept.

AMP; Annie Mei © *dCTb
All work done in GIMP
    •About 40 frames

AMP|Flipping Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Running AnnieMei-tion by dCTbAMP|Swing and a Miss Annie Mei-tion by dCTbAMP|Cliffhanger AnnieMei-tion by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Xii vs Megan by dCTbAMP|AnnieMei-tion Punch by dCTb

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© 2015 - 2021 dCTb
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Ouch, that landing looked painful...

pradeepsethi1999's avatar
what are her powers exactly?
sharkmight's avatar
what program u use
GuyGoneGood's avatar
What exactly ARE her powers?
BuniPan's avatar
its almost like she becomes kinetic energy lol good stuff
AN-aiden-nelson's avatar
Damn dude, I have my own super powered characters, but I gotta step up my animation game :0
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Imagine this as an ability for a League of Legends character...
W - Phase - Throw a ball of energy that stuns target champion for a few seconds. Cast a second time to dash through the energy ball, dealing damage to all enemies hit on the trajectory
That probably make her a beast at waveclear
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What program do you use for making anmations? I love them, but I haven't got any program, so... PLEASEEEEE
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i love your animations.HOW DO YOU DO IT?AND i love that charactar with the pink hair.she is very cool!
deviantfemale007's avatar
Wow, very very dynamic! ;)
firebreather88's avatar
Whaaaaat that's crazy dope how long did it take to make this
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Ur stuff rox
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What strange kind of conducting super power is this?
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By the way it looks, it seems Annie is able to merge with that little ball of energy she makes to blast off like a lightning bolt. 
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It kind of behaves like a physical object on impact. Can they be controlled sort of telepathically after they've been thrown? How many of them can she throw at a time? and does she always have to merge with them to recharge the stock number.
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If I had to guess, with enough practice and creativity, anything is possible.
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So unbelievably cool!
AshiroKei's avatar
is amazing!
congrats for this master work!
SkaWulf360's avatar
So cool I'm an animator in training ;w;
Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
this is amazing which version of gimp do you use?
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amazing motion in each of those gifs!
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