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August 29, 2009
Suspicious Minds by =DCSMC is striking, beautiful, realistic and moving.
Featured by joannastar
Suggested by anitalee
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Suspicious Minds



I got a DD!! Thank you so much for suggesting it :iconanitalee: :hug: and thank you so much for featuring it :iconjoannastar: :hug:

I'm sorry I can't reply to eveyone who has left a comment as there are too many, but thanks for looking and for all the fantasic feedback, I really appreciate it! :hug:
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Her expression is so beautiful and moving- she looks so sad and unsure. I love the simplicity of the characters and the composition. The blur effect on the man in the background is really striking, too- it doesn't look muddy or smudged like I often see with depth of field blurs.

However my brain instantly recognized this as not being real or a photo once I clicked the thumbnail. I'm not sure if you want that slightly cartoony look or a more realistic one, but here are the things that made it obviously a 3D model:
-The colour of the eyes. They're too...vivid and un-natural. I've seen people with eyes like that but these ones here seem to have this blueish hue about them
-The skin is so soft and pure- while I can see some skin detail there needs to be more like slight wrinkles in her forehead, corner of mouth etc, even if she is young.
-I think the chin and nose look way too young- like that of a childs- yet the rest of her looks mature.

Regardless of these I do adore the style she's in, I wouldn't change it. I also really really love the lips. A lot.

Just my two cents.

Excellent work and grats on the DD my friend! <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love" />