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MSI Afterburner for Gnometer



Updated to v1.1
* Now works with Gnometer v1.3
* Added the latest version of the MSI Afterburner plugin (fixes multiple GPU issue described below).
* Now shows FPS in the title.
* Automatically detects and displays the name of your GPU (new feature in latest MSI Afterburner plugin). If your card name is not displayed, try upgrading Afterburner to version 2.1.

This skin will monitor your graphics card and display all critical information about status and overclocking. If your not familiar with Afterburner, I suggest your visit [link] for more information.

What you need:

* Latest version of Gnometer installed [link]

* MSI Afterburner installed on your computer and running while skin is loaded.

* Copy the entire MSI Afterburner folder from my .zip file to the Skins\Gnometer\ directory.

* Copy the appropriate MSIAfterburner.dll from the plugins folder in my .zip file to your C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins directory. Restart Rainmeter

* A video card that is supported by afterburner

I recommend adjusting some of the min/max values to reflect your video card clocks.

I've only tested this with a single GPU, however as per the developer of the afterburner plugin a few changes are required for this to work with multiple GPUs. If you have any issues getting this to work, please have a look at this forum [link]

I have to give major credit to poiru for developing Gnometer and stangowner for the afterbuner plugin.

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Is there a way to change this skin's width to 300 (like other Gnometer skins)?