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Younger Days - February 15th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 15th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 93 48 Younger Days - February 14th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 14th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 71 17 Younger Days - February 13th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 13th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 96 30 Younger Days - February 12th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 12th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 55 14 Max Drawing by dcrisisbeta Max Drawing :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 81 13 Younger Days - February 10th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 10th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 78 27 Younger Days - February 9th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 9th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 75 29 Younger Days - February 8th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 8th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 59 27 Younger Days - February 7th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 7th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 78 17 commission - Badge for Koidel by dcrisisbeta commission - Badge for Koidel :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 21 4 Bored and Waiting by dcrisisbeta Bored and Waiting :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 105 10 Younger Days - February 6th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 6th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 86 22 Younger Days - February 5th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 5th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 64 31 Praying for a Good 2019 by dcrisisbeta Praying for a Good 2019 :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 66 7 Commission - Lil punishments by dcrisisbeta Commission - Lil punishments :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 122 31 Younger Days - February 1st by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - February 1st :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 82 31

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Jakubske namesti by GreeGW Jakubske namesti :icongreegw:GreeGW 426 42 Kalisz by GreeGW Kalisz :icongreegw:GreeGW 391 41 Portal from Gorlitz by GreeGW Portal from Gorlitz :icongreegw:GreeGW 1,677 121 Lights_cars_1 by GreeGW Lights_cars_1 :icongreegw:GreeGW 422 33 Old tree by GreeGW Old tree :icongreegw:GreeGW 931 69 Getreide Markt by GreeGW Getreide Markt :icongreegw:GreeGW 5,473 400 Agrigento by GreeGW Agrigento :icongreegw:GreeGW 1,657 125 Swietokrzyska by GreeGW Swietokrzyska :icongreegw:GreeGW 822 69 Vienna after... by GreeGW Vienna after... :icongreegw:GreeGW 283 47 St. Polten by GreeGW St. Polten :icongreegw:GreeGW 746 61 Artus by GreeGW Artus :icongreegw:GreeGW 243 30 Stefan_Cathedral by GreeGW Stefan_Cathedral :icongreegw:GreeGW 443 58 Kielce by GreeGW Kielce :icongreegw:GreeGW 150 17 Wawel aerial by GreeGW Wawel aerial :icongreegw:GreeGW 410 35 Post building in Torun by GreeGW Post building in Torun :icongreegw:GreeGW 173 13 Fachwerk by GreeGW Fachwerk :icongreegw:GreeGW 288 20


Navi and Kip - Feral style! by BatNats

Natsu drawing PUPPERS!


WARNING! All prices are base prices. Adding a certain amount of detail to the commission (like complicated printed shirts, over complicated backgrounds, a lot of jewelry, detailed photos in background, machinery, etc) will increase the price according to the amount of detail needed per instance

Sketch $12.00 - Single Character
($8. Extra character)
Sadness by dcrisisbeta Commission-Timothy Calvin Tolbain sketch by dcrisisbeta

Color Sketch $16.00 - Single Character
(+9 per extra character)
Commission: Stolen kiss by dcrisisbeta Erick y Andy - Jugando by dcrisisbeta

Lineart $20.00 - Single Character
(+$10.00 for extra characters)
Max the computer dr by dcrisisbeta Commission - Bubbles by dcrisisbeta

Pure Color $35.00 - Single Character
(+$12 for extra characters)
Twins! by dcrisisbeta The light and the dark by dcrisisbeta

Lineart - Color $40.00 - Single Character
(+$15.00 for extra characters)
Bonus - Nenja Caught! by dcrisisbeta Level up! by dcrisisbeta
Background increases price if too complicated or more details requested.


NO Babied (AB/DL stuff), this includes

-Baby bottles, bibs or pacifiers. I don't know how to or like to draw these, so sorry beforehand.
-Water filled diapers. even if its "just water", this I won't do, Sorry.

No Bodily fluids (any fluid you think, that's a no go... tears are ok if the kid is crying or sad and sweat if exersicing sex doesn't count as excersice ò^Ó )

No R-18 STUFF (Sex or "sexy posing" or any genitalia focus, erections, etc will be denied on the spot, insist and you get blocked.)

NO GORE (I find it gross so nope. I don't want to see any of my kids mutilated or anything like that, thank you)

No Bullying. (I count Humiliation, Forced cross dressing or slavery into this category, it saddens me, it makes me angry and it hurts me, I do happy things to avoid thinking this things exist out there so don't ask me to do them.)

No specific racial features. Other than the color of the skin, asking me to add specific racial features or a text in another language is not possible for me. Mainly because I don't know how to do them and odds are that if I make a mistake people will get angry about it.

-FURRIES (been pracicing a few of them, including My OC)

-I don't mind doing nude pics, but with the proper DA warnings AND censorship.

WARNING - PAYING BEFOREHAND DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SLOT IN THE NEXT BATCH, its not fair for others and there is NO waiting list.
When commissions are open first come = first served.

Forcing me to accept a commission by paying first, if refused no refund will be given and it will be considered a tip.

Any comments that I consider inappropriate to any commission will cancel the commission immediately (understanding inappropriate as anything sexual oriented in comments depicting children)


Changing a lineart or basic sketch to color version has a $5.00 fee additional to the set price difference.

I reserve the right to DENY a commission at anytime during negotiations.

Remember some things are really hard to add up in the end and its time I might need for the strips or other commissions.

If you want to commission me please send me a note. I reserve my judgement according to the "I don't do" list above.

Have a nice day ^w^

COMMISSION ARE Closed OwO; thank you for your patience.

if you wish to take a slot please do send me a note

1. :icononasaki:
2. :iconghosthshishigami:
3. :icontehbrokenz:
4. :iconshunokurohi:
5. :iconthe-crusader-network:

I don't take requests
Nor do I give free art

Prior commissions to current paid ones are still in process, I do apologize for the delays, this is why sometimes you'll see commisisons outside the names to be delivered
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Hey Everybody!

I hope you've been having some good times more than bad times, lately bad times seem
to be the norm so lets fight against that and bring positive vibes again.

I have a few mentions to do.


(but not everyone might be happy about it)

Rules changed and I need to learn to focus better if I'm to do this properly.
First and foremost, I increased my prices

Sad fact of life, no one can live in this world without money (trust me I've tried),
and in order to maintain or get an actual income I had to do a slight increase.

Rules, due to recent situations with too complicated details that I needed to
deliver, well, I must inform that the price increases are for base prices, if the
details are too complicated the price might increase (like for example if you want a
character but in the background detailed portraits of other oc's and their clothes to
have prints and be very specific videogame clothes and jewelry in those background
portraits, yes that is a big increase =#=; )

Finally ... only 5 slots available
Due to limited time and shcedule I have to mention that my slots will be limited in
order for me to progress more ordenatedly.
I apologize for the limited space but if I want to keep doing strips I need to limit
what takes my time from them reduced

Read the rules in my main site to the left and below.
If you want to try and commission me please send me a note!

---2nd Younger Days + Young Life ---

:iconjaredsteeletype: is a friend who is currently sick and I'm hoping he gets better
has a strip called Young Life

if you want to read it here is the link:…

Our strips have a lot to do with one another (sometimes I feature his characters,
sometimes he features mine) and crossovers are rather commonplace

Expect to learn more of both our stories soon-ish and where they connect

Tagged by :icondemonisticwriter: who thoutght I'd never do it =w=; and wanted 8 facts about Sam
(took half a year or so, but here it is!)


1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag another 8 characters.

About sam... well, here we go:

1. Despite Sam being quite the glutton, she works out really hard either with mom or alone, she's a pro!

2. Sam Loves to watch cartoons and is happy to share HER cartoons with Max (aka, she hogs the remote)

3. Very scared of thunder and lightning (AM NOT!) but will never admit it to others but Max

4. She Cares and protects Max a lot, even if Max sometimes doesn't realize

5. She is afraid that Max won't tell her when he's having a bad time either by choice or by fear of upsetting her

6. VERY competitive =w=;

7. Sam (sometimes) doesn't think before speaking and blurts out wha is on her mind at that instant...

8. Sam hates girlish clothes, but still wants to be recognized as a girl =w= (although there are a couple of outfits she likes that are considered girly...)

Sorry, no 8 tags... I'm not good at tagging, I'm sloooooooow
Tag by :icondarugodream:

Rules: You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer Previous 12 Questions
- Create 12 New Questions
- Please Tag 12 People (Tag-backs OK, so there's one done for you already)

1. What colour would you say defines you and why/how?
Green - cuz its the color of nature and growth, that despite all odds keeps going

2. What weather do you prefer to go out in?
Cold weather =w= I'm a heatpack with legs, I need a cold environment to function properly

3. What languages do you know or would like to know?
Spanish and English mostly.. I've been curious about Japanese but I never could learn (failed all my tests TT3TT)

4. What medium/tools do you prefer to draw on or with?
By hand, using pens (colored ones)... idk why but feeling the work and making mistakes and learning from them is better (for me) without a ctrl+z key

5. What style of art or medium do you least like to see?
This is hard, I really like all mediums O-O;

6. What is your favorite meal to cook, or to have cooked for you?
Breadcrumb covered milanese (can't deny the basics are tasty)

7. What is your preferred flavour of juice?
O3O I say ... grenade .... cuz a little cousin scolded me that apple juice is for kids only =3=

8. What game, if any, has had the biggest impact on you after playing it?
Humm... I guess Breath of Fire 3 in the playstation 1... I saw a cousin play and I loved it so much I got myself a copy... I played and fell in love with the full story and I wanted to even do a comic about that story... but well, dreams fade when you learn about copyright =w=

9. What book that you've read has been the most memorable?
Furriously Happy O-O, she is hilarious, crazy and with very nice life lessons we all need to learn

10. What show or movie (Cartoon/Anime/Live-Action/etc.) would you always enjoying watching, even if it was a re-run?
O3O humm... this is hard, I really don't know...
I've never been exactly "fond" of a single movie or show... I enjoy new things too
My guess would be gravity falls O-O

11. What song do you think you've listened to the most times?
Lately... Heart of an Artist by DA games

12. Eevee or Pikachu?
I actually prefer Eevee =w=

- I'm also a lazy boy and won't ask cuz these tags are probably obsolete by now OwO; sorry I took so long to reply -

Have an awesome day!


dcrisisbeta's Profile Picture
Artist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: My bedroom...
Favourite style of art: 'that wich is finished and well done'
Personal Quote: "Its not the lenght of the life we live, but how fully we live it"

A little knight story written by Refield is something that could be in the book Max found... what do you think?, here's the story :thumb674751701: 

108 deviants said OMG YES! It should be what is inside that book Max found!
15 deviants said No, I do like the story on its own but it shouldn't be inside the book


:iconthewintersfanclub: :iconbabyfans:


Younger Days character Bios

:icontrail-er: who is a friend of mine decided to create a set of character bios of my strip, Younger Days so I thought about making a little shout out for him so all the other watchers can check it out and tell him what you think about them!

Younger Days cast of characters-2-p1 by Trail-er Younger Days cast of characters-2-p2 by Trail-er

I really like this bios and felt like sharing them with all of you, check them out by clicking on them! they're awesome!


OwO for those who feel like theorizing about the strips (by when I return in full doing them), this is a very complete set of mysteries as described by :icontrail-er:... I think everyone should give it a read and see if you know more mysteries that are not included or maybe have answers to some?

Mysteries of 'Younger Days' ComicsOne of the themes of the “Younger Days” comics is that every person has secrets.  Some may be personal secrets or family secrets (with children they are pretty much the same), and some may be things you didn’t know just because they didn’t tell you.  Many readers bring up questions about mysteries in the strips and sometimes mysteries are revealed in the strips, sometimes by the author.  Some things are revealed to the readers and not to the characters; other things may be known by the characters and not the readers.  Some characters may know some “secret” while others may not.  
Much of this is possible because the strip is quite realistic, that is, there are consistent characters that have relationships and backstories, and they live in a world that is fairly consistent with the real world.  Also, the author has a lot of extra information about each character, and even many characters who have never been seen in the st

OwO I really want to know what others think so enjoy and hope to hear from you all soon ^w^


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