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Right, after over a month of being away from the site, im back again, hopfully ill have a lot more stuff to put up once I get around to typing it all up.

Whos looking at your kid!

Theres no need to worry
Theres no need to fear the hand that we have all been dealt everything that is now shall all be fine in the end

So carry on fighting the good fight

And one day itll all be fine in the end
Aint life a complex old game, no rules, no winning, no losing, just playing - and yet were all trying to come first.
bored bored bored, working on somthing new in ps6. gonna try and intregrate a poem and art into one piece of work, somthing ive been meaning to do for a while now, now I shall.
oh by the way, i aint written anything for a while, but have some art work i should put up, ill do it later when ive had some sleep
Ok im back :o) and god do i fancy a KFC right now yum yum,,,oh and somthing to smoke would be nice as well
Right i think ill write somthing in here cos i can YAY! anyhow like i have nothing to say really, i just wanted to type somthing cool, but i ant got anything cool to say, so there :o) hehehe, Catch you peeps later