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Were once I was pierced, I now feel you there.
Slowly tearing open my once closed wound.

Burning yourself into my flesh.
Ripping apart my injured tissue.

But this for I fear is the only way in,
The only way that I can feel the same.

But please try not to touch my naked shell,
As you enter into my exposed skin.

Please donít open it up anymore than it was,
For this would hurt me, more than before.

I ask you only that, for I try to let you in,
Beneath the skin that bares my scars

I am covered in skin, no one gets to come in.
Pull me out from the inside.

To help you out, please donít make me try,
To hold upto you, my open scars.

For I will not do it, I will not show,
Just quite how much youíre affecting me so.
thought about this whilst missing my girlfriend and listening to counting crows - Colour Blind, such a good track.
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July 29, 2002
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