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An Easy Life
An Easy Life
Everything I want, and everything I need, can be put on the back shelf.
For an easy life.
I don't want to move, I don't need to progress
When I have an easy life.
What happened to the silence, and those careless days
Where did the easy life go?
As I sit here and wait, I begin to understand
That I guess this is the end.
So I just smile and close my eyes.
I guess that was an easy life.
:icondcrad:dcrad 0 0
Just how much
Were once I was pierced, I now feel you there.
Slowly tearing open my once closed wound.
Burning yourself into my flesh.
Ripping apart my injured tissue.
But this for I fear is the only way in,
The only way that I can feel the same.
But please try not to touch my naked shell,
As you enter into my exposed skin.
Please don't open it up anymore than it was,
For this would hurt me, more than before.
I ask you only that, for I try to let you in,
Beneath the skin that bares my scars
I am covered in skin, no one gets to come in.
Pull me out from the inside.
To help you out, please don't make me try,
To hold upto you, my open scars.
For I will not do it, I will not show,
Just quite how much you're affecting me so.
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Amazed by the clouds by dcrad Amazed by the clouds :icondcrad:dcrad 0 0
I have something new to think about,
something to take me from my thoughts.
Something to live for, something to die for.
And something to feel loved for.
It's all but gone, that feeling inside,
that feeling that I try to hide.
As one departs, another does show,
but I cant help wonder, why I never did know.
That this can become more than once,
always inside, but my eyes do show.
For this feeling I have, is only for you,
so please don't forget,
How I Love you so.
:icondcrad:dcrad 0 0
Only Because Its You
If everything that you thought was true,
all just somehow ended, totally out from the blue.
And if all that you entrusted to your soul,
had now just stopped being there, and from thus came the hole.
From inside your head, does your heart implode.
From the depths of your soul, does your love dissolve.
This is how I sometimes feel, when we don't agree.
This is how I remember, but I can only say.
I'll let you off just this once,
............and only because it's you,
...........and only you.
:icondcrad:dcrad 0 0
Please dont go
Listen to me, just this once, please.
I'm begging you to hear what I say, and then maybe I could let you
walk away.
I can't let you go, I can't stop feeling what I'm feeling towards you,
the more I try the more I find I can't.
You have no idea how much it hurts me to see you walk out that door.
Never to return.
But please listen to this, before I break down and cry. Before my heart just melts and dies.
I love you, and I know you know that.
but I will always Love you, and I will always be there, even if you do
not know I am there, I will be watching, I will be hiding in your dreams,
watching from afar.
I'm trying to tell you just how I feel, and this little scrap of words wrote down in my mind, will never tell just what I wish I could tell you.
I will always help you, whenever your in need, just call my name, and I'll promise that I will try my best to be there.
I really did need you, and I wish that I didnt, for now the time has come where you tell me goodbye, with not even one tear i
:icondcrad:dcrad 0 0
The Inside Of The Box 2
I wrapped it up and placed it along side you.
Wrapped in a sliver paper box, all secret and safe I gave it to you.
And only you, I gave it all just for you. All to only but you.
I wrapped it up carefully and placed it down next to you.
Wrapped up safe and secure, but yet it hurts, from the inside.
Even when next to you, it's still alive, but dented from that past that I'll never truly understand.
And only you will know what to do.
It's still wrapped up, but yet you stare at the little box upon the table.
Wrapped up safe, the world to not to see, but maybe one day I'll show it to you.
And only you, I'll show what's inside this tangled mind of a world so deadly inflicted by the world that's so unkind.
Because only for you I'm prepared to show, for just one time what lies inside the cardboard box of a locked up mind and eternally cold soul.
(DcRaD March 2002)
:icondcrad:dcrad 1 2
I need
I see it now, it's clearer than the day.
Like an ice cube will shine, this thought is all mine.
I know what I want, and the love that I need.
I need to feel you, even when you are gone.
I need for you to tell me that you care, and will always be there.
I need to feel that only with you, would my life be complete.
I need to feel that our bodies will become one, and in our passions,and heartfelt need
We will create
(DcRaD - March 2002)
:icondcrad:dcrad 0 3
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I know what it is this feeling
I really don't get it, but yet I understand it completely.
About the rules to play, and how to give.
And how to receive to gift it gives.
About the happy moments, when you think your in heaven.
Though the sadness and glory, the pleasure and pain.
I'm in heaven with you, and thus I do say.
I'm in Love with you. And I love you.
:icondcrad:dcrad 0 2


Ashes World by aidyen Ashes World :iconaidyen:aidyen 118 142 My Women v009 by wrlcup02 My Women v009 :iconwrlcup02:wrlcup02 11 15


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Right, after over a month of being away from the site, im back again, hopfully ill have a lot more stuff to put up once I get around to typing it all up.

Whos looking at your kid!

Theres no need to worry
Theres no need to fear the hand that we have all been dealt everything that is now shall all be fine in the end

So carry on fighting the good fight

And one day itll all be fine in the end


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