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I liked her design in the show...wonder how much drag the ribbon would cause during flight, assuming it stays on.

Another addition to the compendium of WhatIsThisCrapIDon'tKnowWhatI'mDoing. I hate my own drawings and still think I can't do art properly but I do it anyway because...procrastination. And uploading is fun for reasons...probably to annoy snobs who are irrecoverably addicted to classy finesse, i.e. those who shun fan art and any form of art created by mere mortals without unbridled talent. Or I just don't care about my life anymore because everything is unpleasant and I need something besides work to distract myself from those unending tribulations. Unadulterated merriness like the picture above is unattainable with the cocktail of woes infused into my mind ever since I realized that real-life is tangible.
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I am not quite sure if you were beeing sarcastic but here is one thing I want you to know: YOU CAN DRAW AND YOU DO IT REALLY GOOD, THOUGH. I think so many people would be jealous if they knew how good you draw. ^^
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she looks so fluffy
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Oh, Man this is ust Adorable
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Whatever drag the ribbon introduces is more than worth it.
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I add to favorites ^^
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Fluffy c: She looks so cuddly <3
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Awwww Flitter is so cute :love:
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Nice colors.

Having high standards will help you learn to (eventually) create good art. The challenge is to keep at it long enough until you can make something you are satisfied with. No point in berating yourself along the way.
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Or it'll slowly kill you by decimating all your hope, dream, ambition, self esteem, and a litany of all things good, until you can only reminisce, then push you into a lightless corner devoid of companions where your only company is despair and hopeless and all the conjugates of the previous list, and the voices in your head mocking your every failure, castigating you for every dimwitted decision in your brief and impertinent life, and the constant virtual pain in your chest and abdomen that will probably segue into a tangible ailment. Eventuality caters only to fools like me who assume that time is imperishable.
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The only thing that is imperishable is a Twinkie, but even that is a myth.
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They turn to liquor if you age them, at least that's what I want to believe
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Shit. Your art is amazing, I never will understand why so many artists think they're bad at their own craft. =/ That being said, I now feel like it's my responsibility to cheer you up.
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Thats is amazing, so beautiful!

Flitter! <3
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Adorable! Beautiful colours too... draw cloudchaser as well please! =)
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Can't do art properly? What are you talking about? This is absolutely amazing!
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