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Latin Language-Beginner

Latin level: Beginner
You can use a few words or phrases such as common greetings. Or you can use a simple range of Latin, sufficient for basic everyday practical needs.

This is mainly for my own use on my profile.

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Ago tibi gratias :)
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Do you have an "Intermediate" version yet?
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Oh thank you for making. I was about to make my own, but then I found this and I did want to make it look like I copied.  I'm going to use this (or other one) on my profile
But I'm not sure whether to use this one of the intermediate stamp. I'm in 3rd year Latin, about to go into 4th year. I can't really do conversations, but I am very good at translating and picking out words. So I guess I would be beginner?
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Yeah I'm in the same position, in fourth year now. It's been a long time since reading about Caecilius sitting in the garden (Caecilius est in horto sedens), but Id still classify myself as a beginner. Anyway, we only translate Latin to English, never the other way around, which is limiting. I still don't have a grip on the apparently infinite array of passives, subjunctives and whatever else. et tu? (incidentally that question is the only time I've had to use Latin outside the classroom. Still worth studying it.)
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You're welcome.
As to which level, I guess that'd depend on your definition of beginner or intermediate. For example, I have the intermediate stamp for Japanese on my profile but I've only taken 3/4 of a year's worth in classes; I know more of the language than what's been taught since I'd been self-teaching in high school. And I have beginner for Latin and a few other languages because I can't remember most of what I learned.
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Lingua latina numquam me relinquet
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Go ahead, that's why I uploaded it.
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Can you please make an intermediate?
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already made one a month ago
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*derping and forgetting how to say 'you're welcome' in Latin*
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I don't know either. I posted a list of Latin phrases somewhere in my gallery, I'll go check.
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I love the flag of the roman empire!
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XD there's not really an official Roman Empire flag but that was the most common design that came up
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Is there anyway you can make an Intermediate one?
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yeah i could make one
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