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The Rudderbucks Restyled

Something I had considered for a long while, considering how original Hydrex and Pearl seem to have become since being designed as Sonic-inspired fan-characters... now with new anthro-style!

Now that "Hydrex Adventure" is finished and had some time to "settle" online, I feel more at liberty to unveil the new look.
In leaving the fandom, the Rudderbucks can now affiliate fully into Danbuster's world and don't have to be restrained by inspiration credit to Sonic Team - they are now completely my own creation! :D

(The new pic is based off one of my pencil-drawing, vector-traced in Flash)
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They look fantastic in both styles! I especially like Pearl's swimsuit!
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Thanks very much! :aww:
All along, I'd had it in mind for Pearl to have an outfit that was modest but still tastefully showed her sexy figure - an ideal mate for an equally handsome male like Hydrex! :)
TheFantasticMrFox's avatar
you know i think i like the anthro better.
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Well, that's good... because that's their official look now! ;) Thanks!
From skinny otter to manly muskalid! $_$
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, yeah! :aww: But why the dollar-signs in the eyes...? :XD:
Scurge-lonely-Dragon's avatar
Awesome, you can certainly see the improvement =' ^^ '= and the contrast makes Hydrex's new eyes look all the more scary, LOL, sorry! O.O; :XD: ^^;
Particularly love the new fuzzy look of their tails ^^
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... thanks! :giggle:
Why scary, though? I'd be more worried about Hydrex if he was actually looking angry! :XD:
Scurge-lonely-Dragon's avatar
It's simply the fact they have no whites-of-their-eyes. Pearl's aren't too bad, but there's so little contrast between the black and blue of Hydrex's that at first glace they seem like unfocussed, totally black orbs O.O;
Yes, that would be MUCH more reason to panic, LOL! XD
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Perhaps if I toned down the navy-blue later... :hmm:
Heh, yeah... Eggman brought it on himself! :XD:
Scurge-lonely-Dragon's avatar
Maybe :-) or even just a thin sliver of white which would also help us see where he's looking =' =D '=

Indeed, LOL! xD
BluebottleFlyer's avatar
I've only just gotten to know these two in the Sonic style, pretty much...but I'm digging their new, much more original style. It'll take some getting used to, but it's good. They look more natural. :nod: :thumbsup:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, thanks very much! ;)
Well, I'm glad their new look is going down so well! They've got to live with those faces! :aww:
linkythestoryteller's avatar
The link is from a picture I drew of Hydrex and the prediction of the future cub XD
BTW Nice redesin XD- they look like real animals acting like humans XD
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shadowthewedgehog's avatar
The changes are subtle yet they make a big difference. They are awesome
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks very much! :aww:
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I think their eyes should still have some white, though.
Other than taht, very nice!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Hmm, probably have to give consideration to Danbuster and the others too, then...?
Axquirix's avatar
I guess so...
LilDash's avatar
had fun? :XD:
both of them is great
TomTheFox's avatar
Yeah, very nice natural look there :D I think you've made them your own completely :) Great job! ;)
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