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Sadman's Maze



A Flash maze game. Sadman Insane is threatening the world with his WMDs and only by penetrating the mazelike corridors of his secret headquarters can you stop him! :omg:

This idea was based on a puzzle/maze that I drew in Paintbrush – years ago, so let me point out that although the main villain does bear a slight resemblance to a certain ousted dictator, I meant no parallel to the current troubles and no offence to those who are mixed up in it. I just happen to have very little respect for politics! ;)

Note: I must concede that the fps slider in the setup options does not work. If anybody with a good knowledge of Action Scripting and knows how one can control the frame rate, I’d be glad of a pointer. :blush:
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Nooooooo D8

I made it all the way and got beaten by Sadman! Still, excellent work in this =D