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Hydrex Adventure - Part 2



Finally! After all these months, it's finished! :phew:
Hope you have nearly half an hour to spare! :XD:

"Hydrex Adventure" - based on the original concept by The Sonic Team, this is a variation of the "Sonic Adventure DX" storyline, but with my otter-characters, Leroy "Hydrex" & Pearl Rudderbuck.
With the exception of the otters and Krakatoa the Kraken, all the other characters are trademarks of SEGA.
Also, I did use a fair number of musical themes from different sources - though I did try to stick by the 30-second rule. Any clip that appears longer is really a sound-loop.

The continuing story of the efforts of Hydrex & Pearl to defeat Eggman's machines and escape.
Will they make it? Will Eggman's robots prove too strong for them? Or will they prove that you should never carry your Eggman in one basket?

Please note: I had to split this Flash into two halves due to size, since the program was unable to get enough memory to export it in one piece. I'd advise watching the half first, because there is no "story so far" preamble on this half.
First half:…
Second half: [HERE!]

:new: Now available as a whole video on YouTube:…
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i seen the two work together... no it begs a question.

i co own a rp server witch eggman isnt the only bad gay. there are other groups with have naval units.... now i ask... how would the two handily naval power?

also..... RIP flash...