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Hydrex Adventure - Part 1

Finally! After all these months, it's finished! :phew:
Hope you have nearly half an hour to spare! :XD:

"Hydrex Adventure" - based on the original concept by The Sonic Team, this is a variation of the "Sonic Adventure DX" storyline, but with my otter-characters, Leroy "Hydrex" & Pearl Rudderbuck.
With the exception of the otters and Krakatoa the Kraken, all the other characters are trademarks of SEGA.
Also, I did use a fair number of musical themes from different sources - though I did try to stick by the 30-second rule. Any clip that appears longer is really a sound-loop.

Life is quiet for the Rudderbucks as always, until Pearl, while out on a shopping trip, gets abducted by Dr Eggman's robots along with Amy Rose.
Upon hearing of his wife's situation, Hydrex and his neighbour Big the Cat set out to rescue her, following the trail of Sonic and Tails.
Meanwhile, Pearl is not a girl to let the grass grow under her webbed feet and makes her own plans...

Please note: I had to split this Flash into two halves due to size, since the program was unable to get enough memory to export it in one piece. I'd advise watching this half first, since the story will be incomplete otherwise.
First half: [HERE!]
Second half:…

:new: Now available as a whole video on YouTube:…
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Oh gosh this is bring me back memory's I remember watching this way back when! XD Mind you this was before I had a DA account!
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Heh, thanks very much! ;)
And as I've been giving my personal website a major redesign with a view to updating, I decided I wanted to capture this feature into movie-form that I could merge into one on YouTube.
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I would hug Hydrex. And Big too. :D
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, nice! :aww:
And this was before he and Pearl had the anthro re-design to integrate into Danbuster's echelon...
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andy beisack:hey eggman have you ever seen an army of black veil brides
OlderLocoBoy's avatar
heres a song that i listin to while i wait for this load it reminds me of when of when they fought egg and his bots
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Cool! A kind of "continuation" of Sonic Adventure DX with your characters. Pretty good ;)
DCLeadboot's avatar
That was part of the idea, yeah! ;)
Thanks very much!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Certainly worked hard at the time, yes... :XD:
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Yup, he's in it too! ;)
Sombraluz-Images's avatar
One of your best animations yet! :wow:

It really felt like a saturday morning cartoon movie. :D
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, thanks very much! :XD:
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What can be said? Solid animation, actions and voice-acting...and the humour's top notch too, without straying too far, you sly devil. :XD: Special mention must go to the sequence with Krakatoa throwing the trio onto the ship, very nicely done. :) Will check out the 2nd part as soon as. :thumbsup:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... subtle's the word! Thanks very much! :XD:
And of course, Krakatoa needed his scene... more believable than using a reef as a launch-ramp, anyway! ;)
duragan's avatar
Blimey, this one is worthy to be televised =D Great work, I love how you included the Sonic Adventure music in this. Ah, nostalgia :aww:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Ah, well... it was basically a variation on Sonic Adventure! ;) Thanks!
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
My pleasure! :D

This truly was an epic adventure! :w00t:

The movie had a lot of cute "d'awwwwwwwww" moments :aww:

Especially with Big and Froggy, I guess;
Really funny to see Froggy having an actual "dialogue" and acting, other than just being "Big's pet frog who's constantly running away" :D
Who knows, perhaps this could be elaborated even further!

And animation itself was quite neat as well!</understatement> :love:
The vivid way your characters move, and the expressions they can convey never ceises to amaze me, plus, they also do some nice "3D-ish" movements. ;)

Say, how long did it take to make this thing? ^^;
I took about 8 months and plus just for a movie where in the first 10 minutes, all the characters are balls and stay in the same area with about three odd so backgrounds ^^;

And now for a few more in-detail observations about this two-parter:
(Hah, these play-controls sure are usefull to quickly review the whole movie when lacking the time to actually watch it in whole again. ^^)

Huh! :O Both parts are only 6 MB each?
Sonic Billiard had 13 on part 1, and on part 2 it was 18, yet both projects are of about equal length; and I doubt it to be a matter of complexity on the drawings' and animations' part ^^; - so... how come? :O_o:

Ah, in the very first few scenes, their accent was a little tough to understand, so I had to devide my attention between reading the subtitles and watching the actual animation -
but it got a lot more clear very early on, and there were no further issues throughout the rest of film thereafter. :)

Heh. I had forgotten about the proportions between the hedgehogs and the otters. :O
So that's why I was a tad confused at first when Perl met with Amy. ^^;

I noticed the characters "showed their teeth" at several occasions - interesting! It makes them look more threatening, too.

Silly Tails, still hasn't fixed the Tornado II ? ^^;
I guess Sonic's 'lil slap is justified in this case ^^#

Heh, seems Perl's attempt to teach Amy a lesson was successfull in the end after all! :)
...and Sonic seems to like it! :aww:

Throwing a boat on top of an aircraft through the means of a Kraken? :lol:
Well, using a boat for air-travel is a little unconventional, that much is certain. ;)

MMMm, not so sure if I prefer Krakatoa's theme song here;
While it may work on the first encounter, while Big is still scared, Krakatoa seems too light-hearted too me that this theme would fit. :hmm:
Otherwise, there's nothing to complain about any choice of music whatsoever, if I recall it correctly, everything else fit perfectly. :)
In the final scene with Eggman, the Jaws theme would have been a good fit, I suppose.

Heh. Yeah. Why are there fish onboard of Eggman's battleship anyway?
Although I can't really recall if the fish population was entirely robotic or only in part. :shrug:
(Same question could be why he has so many bathrooms in one of the Egg Carrier's stages. :O_o: It would have made sense if he had evenly distributed them throughout the ship, but instead, they were all in one place... but he's the only human abord! :O
Hm...... what if Sonic was in that area, but Eggman had to follow the call of nature? Would he have to fight the hedgehog to get past to the restrooms? Weird.)

"Big, are you okay?"
- I was more concerned about the robot at that particular moment, seeing how it's obviously heavily suffering from high preasure. :XD:

Hilarious scene with Amy running towards Sonic! :XD:
Very cartoony! :nod:

Silly Eggman, fell for the oldest trick in the book. :roll:
Next time, implement your robot's AI with a little more ...thought.

Eggman has lawyers? ^^;
robot lawyers, perhaps?
Heh, yeah, that's it, the next boss robot will fight back ... in court! :noes:
Nice idea, Eggman could sue Sonic for "damaging his property".

Like the ending credits, too;
heh, "baby-hydrex". =P
And nice pic with them kissing infront of the moon. :)


and now, I take it you're gonna take some time off from big projects and do loooots of tiny things first before returning to Sonic & Danbuster, eh?
(well, that's what I did after I had finished 'them billiard games :P)

In any case, have fun! ;)
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... veeeeery long comment! :giggle:

Indeed, I like to let my characters show a little emotion - even when things are going to pot around them. :aww:

Also, besides trying to show Big with a brain, I liked the idea of Froggy being able to communicate "Wile E Coyote style" (with signs) or use subtitles. :XD:

Of course, I always think expression is important - especially the eyes.
Those head-turn frame-by-frames are time-consuming, but they're also worth it for quality. I like things to look good, and not just for the kudos. :)

Not certain how long this thing took - but it could easily be a year, at the most. Several months, anyway - allowing for interruptions such as being employed as a tap-flusher for the hospital for three or four months last year (a real time-waster, even if it was paid work - I lost a lot of free-time) ^^;

Size issues? Well, I know I used Graphic-symbols for each sequence of character-animation, occasionally, some of this can be recycled. Main scenes (such as Station Square) also go in the library as "Set Pieces". The particle emitters, flying clouds and lightning effects were pieces of ActionScript (the lightning was one useful effect I was fortunate enough to find on Then of course, I always saved voice and music files as MP3 for size-management.
Even then, I was forced to split the feature in two, because the computer couldn't get enough memory to export the whole lot at once.

Guess in terms of accents, too, I'll have to find a fine line between "Barbossa" and "easy-to-understand". :XD:
Hopefully, in any future project, Tom will be able to improve his voice, and maybe his girlfriend will get a better mic so that she can do Pearl... (that was why Sassi stepped into the role - her recording-quality was better)

Heh, poor old Tails - intelligent people tend to be a little absent-minded! ;)
Still, at least Sonic's reasons for hitting Tails are appreciated. Drew got very angry with him for that - mind you, he also got angry with Hydrex for roughly shoving Pearl out of the way when Eggman attacked them. :O_o:

Awww, yeah... Pearl's pep-talk really helped there. And Amy, in attempting to take her advice and making an effort to help, finds that she actually impresses Sonic for once! :aww:

Heh, yeah... Big is too well "upholstered" to get seriously hurt - but an effective fate was needed for ZERO, too! :XD:

Amy runs at Sonic... yeah, she still can't quite break that habit! :giggle:

And Eggman? Always, he makes some silly and fatal mistake with all his machines! :roll:

Heh, blimey... there's a string of ideas about lawyers! And all for some random idea ad libbed by either Euan, Drew or HHog (who was another choice for Eggman) :XD:

Awww, yeah... soon, the family will be larger! :aww:
I wanted to make the ending slide-show something in the spirit of the old "Sonic Adventure" ending sequences, only with nice about the otters getting their shopping and going home - and something to keep the audience watching until the post-credits Easter-egg scene. ;)

There's certainly a lot of pictures to catch up on now... also, not sure about Sonic & Danbuster. Guess I'll have to continue that someday - but I've also got other ideas I'd like to move onto. :O
Mind you, I'm in contact with this fellow, *raletheotter, and he seems to be of a mind to collab on some my major projects (my pilot "Dan Clan" graphic novel, anyway) - that being the case, this could also take some of the weight off me. What knows...? :hmm:

Still, glad this turned out so well! :aww:
I'll probably take today off (being Saturday) to play games - but starting next Monday, I have other out-standing sketches to complete and an art-folio to consider (something to send to any media companies I can reach).
Mum also suggested that I might try doing some little illustrations for her, based on her comic poem about a cat of impeccable manners who refused to chase mice. :XD:
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
Just... plain... AWESOME!!!!! I can't wait to see part 2! You are great at this!!
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