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Game Prototype 5



My fifth and final platform game prototype!
At last, I found time to complete it!

Even more new features included...
The first two levels are pretty much plain sailing, though you'll notice that I've taken time to overlay proper scenery over the collision detectors.
This game also includes a scrolling screen, thanks to a program from FlashKit called V-Cam: [link]

This game also has a password feature. If or when you manage to pass certain levels, you'll see the password in a textbox. You have to type it exactly as you see them, uppercase letters and everything.

In the last big level in this game, you'll be required to find a key to a door before you can pass.

And then, when you're through all that... if you survive... you'll have to face a boss to win!! Good luck... you'll need it!! :mwahaha:

Frederick is Copyright © me.

Edit: I added a new feature that I forgot... if Frederick is standing at the edge of a platform he teeter to warn you of the hazard. Due to annoyances with the stopping feature, I decided to cut that part of it out!
I've also tried to make the scrolling screen concentrate in the direction he is facing.
Have also altered part of the last main level to make it a bit less impossible and have attempted to tweak the vines code (again!) though they're still not perfect...
One last tweak... I've now added a few music loops. Thank you, FlashKit!! :D
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