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Game Prototype 5

My fifth and final platform game prototype!
At last, I found time to complete it!

Even more new features included...
The first two levels are pretty much plain sailing, though you'll notice that I've taken time to overlay proper scenery over the collision detectors.
This game also includes a scrolling screen, thanks to a program from FlashKit called V-Cam: [link]

This game also has a password feature. If or when you manage to pass certain levels, you'll see the password in a textbox. You have to type it exactly as you see them, uppercase letters and everything.

In the last big level in this game, you'll be required to find a key to a door before you can pass.

And then, when you're through all that... if you survive... you'll have to face a boss to win!! Good luck... you'll need it!! :mwahaha:

Frederick is Copyright © me.

Edit: I added a new feature that I forgot... if Frederick is standing at the edge of a platform he teeter to warn you of the hazard. Due to annoyances with the stopping feature, I decided to cut that part of it out!
I've also tried to make the scrolling screen concentrate in the direction he is facing.
Have also altered part of the last main level to make it a bit less impossible and have attempted to tweak the vines code (again!) though they're still not perfect...
One last tweak... I've now added a few music loops. Thank you, FlashKit!! :D
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Thanks very much! :giggle: How did you get on?
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You're really welcome! :D I got to the second rabbit. :XD:
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The second rabbit? On the first level, you mean? :O
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Hmmm... need a little more practice, eh...? ;)
Mind you, one thing - I still have bugs with the climbing vine-thingees... you have to jump the last bit with one of them in the second level to get through to the floor where it hangs from.
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Oh yes. :D
Yes, the vines are a little hard but they're manageable.
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Tends to work best if you only start climbing after the moving camera settles down... if I kept those things in a future project, I guess I'd have to find a better way of controlling a character-following camera - something that doesn't leave things lagging behind it...
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Long time no see. :o

Anyway, I was looking through your 1-5 Game Prototypes, and it's been pretty fun to see your process through the development of all five. Gee, I remember when I used to beg you for the source code each time you released one. :lol: Must've been really annoying.

This engine is pretty good, and I made it pretty far until I fell down in the 5th room. And then I used the password to get to the boss. :slow: I love how the boss like kicks you away when you get to close. =P

I also liked the fact that you could kill the rabbits from a pretty far distance when you attack while jumping, so it was pretty good to use to whack the enemies out that were on the platform above you. :lol:

Anyway other than the good things about the engine I do have a few complaints.
I don't really like the fact that once the player lands on a platform after he's jumped he gets completely slown down, I mean it's pretty good that you tried to be realistic and all with the game engine, but if you just took off like maybe 40% of the speed I guess it'd work a whole lot better, since just slowing him completely done is sort of annoying.
Other than that there's the moving platforms, those are pretty cool, but if you walk while you're on them it feels like you don't move with them anymore, and so it sort of sometimes makes you fall off the moving platform and then down into death. :(
Also the VCam, I find that pretty annoying, the way that when you go up, and the VCam then goes with you, it makes like a little pause in the game while the VCam is catching up with your Y position. I'd like it better if you just made your own camera that would follow the player's X and Y positions in a smooth way, and then you can make 4 boundary points around the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right corners of the level, so the camera doesn't pass those.
When I say make your own camera I mean moving the _root's _x and _y positions around. Incase you've moved to AS3 which I have, it'd just be x, and y. No root. :)

Other than all that, it's great. You should make a Game Prototype 6 with some bugs fixed and some cool visuals, I'm sure you're better at programming now since it's almost 3 years later. :lol:
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Heh, thanks! :)

Yeah, sure are a lot of bugs in this... I really ought to get back to it one of these days.
With my newer Cannon Wars game and recent Flash animations, I have been learning new animation and scripting techniques - including duplicate movies for projectiles and particle-emitters! ;)
I seem to use a lot of special effects these days - one of these days, Hydrex ought to get his own game! :XD:
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Go for a new game then. :lol:

Btw, just saying if you're still using AS2: AS3 is 10 times faster. :noes:
DCLeadboot's avatar
OK... maybe later... ;)
Still running Flash 7 myself - I probably ought to consider an upgrade, after a new computer and a Nintendo Wii... :XD:

BTW, did you master the rabbit boss?
I figured that, as with many game-bosses today, it's about finding a weak spot and exploiting it. You need to use your brain, rather than just blindly hitting at it! (Like, the belly is too fluffy to penetrate - you'd need to aim for something higher...) ;)
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Yeah I beat the boss. My technique is to climb up the vines and then after he's hit with his big morning star, I jump up on the falling platform and then kick him in the face, then when he's lying on the ground I run and the I leap over him and then I run over to the other vine, and repeat the same process. :D

And yeah, weak points sure are classical! =P I like in Zelda when you face a boss for the first time you could've beaten it really fast, but you gotta figure out the weak spot and the method first!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, cool! ;) I tended to let him swing at me with the mace, then turn and run back at him while his hesitates - if Frederick's going fast enough to somersault, he should get high enough to kick-flip him in the head! :XD:
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Really nice !
Have you use some tutorials, cause I can't find a really good one !! :P

Sorry for my bad English...
Je travail fort pour l'apprendre ;-)
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks! :)
I think it started from a tutorial by this guy :iconperson333: - but my experiments soon advanced beyond his basic principals. My script finished up even more complex! :XD:
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the game is really cool!!!!
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Thanks very much! Hopefully any further platformers will be better than this, as I'd hope to be able to iron out all the bugs. :)
BioMutt70's avatar
youre welcome!!!

though, i am having trouble in the first level, with the vines
DCLeadboot's avatar
Yeah, that is one of the main bugs. I might well dispense with those in any later projects... ^^;
Especially if I make my main protagonists my Sonic-inspired otter characters Hydrex & Pearl. ;)
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so u dont know how to get to the cave?
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Well, you just have to tread carefully with those vines. Because of the way they're programmed, you tend to fall off of them when the camera changes position because Frederick hasn't caught up with things properly - that's the bug, I think.
Anyway, once the camera's steady, it should be OK.
BioMutt70's avatar
ok i'll try that!!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Let me know how you get on. :)
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