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Game Prototype 4



My fourth game prototype!
Now, to clear each stage, Frederick has to get past various hazards including spikes and killer rabbits!

The first thing that is introduced are interactive ledges! Take note, the moving ledges are set up to carry the player with them. (The code for this was actually quite simple)
Be aware that certain ledges will also just fall out when stepped on! But don't worry... they'll be back.

Since Frederick now has to worry about a life gauge, as well as not falling off the ledges, I have now added power-ups that restore his health. You'll see them as you go along...

The last level in this game is going to require you to find a projectile weapon.

Frederick is Copyright © me.
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=D I beat it! maybe try a game with a selection of characters, with different weapons, abilities and fighting styles. Also enemys who take more than 1 hit to knock down. (so Danbuster's sword does more damage than frederick punching something, but he's less agile. Also maybe a character who has a ranged weapon, but needs to find ammo for it.)