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Game Prototype 3

This is my third game prototype -- I've just expanded on what I started with!
Frederick still has to reach the goal in each stage, but the obstacles are complicated and there are now hazards...

Frederick has fallen into a dangerous warren, full of spikes and killer rabbits!
To escape their lair alive, avoid the spikes and knock out the rabbits. Try not to get attacked!

I have also added sound effects for this version! :D

Frederick is Copyright © me.
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© 2006 - 2021 DCLeadboot
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If I Jump and clicks "X" many times then he keeps in air for sometime.. err.. I hope u get meh point..
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You mean that bit when Fred does his backflip-kick and he hangs in space for a second?
That in itself was quite intentional. However, perhaps I should put something in the code to make him only do the attack once.
Say, a value called 'attacking' comes true when you press 'X' (which prevents you from attacking again) and doesn't become false until 'X' is released.
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Yay I finally beat it!
Wow, that's a really fun game. Nice job!
I haven't found any bugs yet either. :3
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I had to make sure of bugs, so I tested it myself. ;)
Thanks for the compliments! :D
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one thing can you tell me how to make like when i am near the rabbits they attack?
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Well, in this case I set up a distance detection with this code:

/* Detect the player's proximity. If he is too close, he will stand ready for combat. */
x_dist = _root.player._x - _x; //Relative x Distance
y_dist = _root.player._y - _y; //Relative y Distance
if (x_dist > -75 && x_dist < 75) {
if (y_dist > -75 && y_dist < 75) {
state = 1; //Change to standing state

In the standing state, there is code that tells the rabbit to switch to an attacking state:

/* How regularly will the rabbit hit out? The lower number range given in random(), the higher the chances are. */
hitrand = random(30); //chances of drawing 1 are 30 to 1
if (hitrand == 1) {
state = 3;
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x_dist = _root.player._x - _x;
y_dist = _root.player._y - _y;
dist = Math.sqrt(x_dist*x_dist+y_dist*y_dist);

But the above message is also two years old, so meh.

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THE COOLEST OF THE THREE PROTOTYPE GAMES, but one thing that i :salute: is that when you attack in air, he does a kick-straight-up-summersault, that is what makes it the coolest!!!
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Thanks! I always planned to have Frederick punch his enemies when on ground and kick out if he was jumping - but considering his short legs, I thought it would work better doing the backflap-kick (inspired by a Sonic the Hedgehog sprite anim, I think).
He's a very athletic ferret, so that's no sweat! ;)
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WOW!!! You've gotten really great in such a short amount of time!! I love how his midair backflipkick! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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I have a few ideas up my sleeve... :plotting:
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:crash: grrr


Hehe, took me 4 tries but I got it. Darn games are too tuff for and old duffer like me. :lol: jk

Keep up the great work :D
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The Killer Rabbits know no mercy... :evillaugh:
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Cool i love it!
il fav it:D
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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :D
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You must totally tell me how you made this..
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Hmmm, where to begin...
The player is basically the same. All I did with him is add the hurt, die and attack states -- and a check for collision with spikes.

The enemies use a piece of script that tells them to prowl or stand still (speed set to 0).

The health bar uses a global value to calculate its frame.
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Can you note me?
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Nice one :) I got "Ay Champion!" ...and two game overs =P
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Beaten by a rabbit? Twice? :giggle:
Ah, well! At least you beat them!
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Well done. Much improved. Except for the health bar....
But great job!
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Hmmm, thanks. :hmm: Any way I could improve the health bar?
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