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Game Prototype 2



Following on from my previous prototype ([link]), I've been trying out a few new tricks with this Flash-based platformers lark.

This second prototype and follows the same ActionScript that I started with -- I've just expanded on it.
Frederick still has to reach the goal in each stage, but the obstacles become more complicated.

So what's new here? Well...
In addition to ground pieces to stand on, there are now left and right wall pieces to impede your progress.
In Stage 2, I introduce ceiling pieces. Collision with these will interrupt your jumps. This part also introduces tight spaces. Being a ferret, Frederick can just fit through them, if he crawls.
In Stage 3, I introduce climbers. Frederick can now jump onto and climb vines and things. This is something new to me, and I think there are still bugs to iron out.

Frederick is Copyright © me.
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Sometimes he does his jump flip thing and he flips but never goes forward so he falls