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This Flash features two versions of the same basic narrative.

When in my first year of University, we were taught how to use Flash and one assignment we had was to create some sort of Flash, whether it was interactive (a TV channel listing or something) or a short narrative of a maximum of 60 seconds.
Of course, I opted the latter. :D

The original version is one that I submitted. Boy, it’s clunky…
Still, for anyone who cares, it netted me 65% (2.1) so it couldn't have been too bad. I had been practicing with Flash since I learned to use it in the foundation year, so this movie was actually created after the Mad Scientist and Turn the Tables.
([link] & [link])

The new version is something I created very recently. It's just the same narrative, but I tried to improve some of my techniques – I redraw the Mad Scientist's face and some of the scenery and also tried to improve my mouth animations and special effects.
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So that's what the mad scientist does in his freetime.

Nice 3D moving effect, too : D
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Ah, at least he spends his time usefully! :D

Thanks! The 3D effect there was also an experiment. I was hoping to get a decent 3D effect without actually using a 3D program... :XD:
(I kinda went off of 3D-animation proper when I found how time-consuming the modelling was) ^^;
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and so, the goverment, in a bit to help the public and keep thenselvs in after the iraq war (which ultimatly failed) orderd that "bangers and mash" were now to be called "boomers and smash", to warn the public of it's explosinve propoties.
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Well, the bangers sure lived up to their name here... :o
T-A-G-M's avatar
shame i didn't get it till about the 3rd time of watching.
T-A-G-M's avatar
it can take a little time for me to get things, but i'm a fast learner.
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that's put me off sugar!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Well, too much sugar can be bad for the health... :XD:
T-A-G-M's avatar
last time i cheked, it doesn't make you explode. oh, well...
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I haven't tried taking a match to it yet...
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"takes match to suger pot"
ME: (coverd in soot) well.... let's not try THAT again. "falls over"
T-A-G-M's avatar
" takes match to lollypop pot."
" volcanic eruption"
ME: (covered in more soot.) well.... that was interesting.
many lawsuits later...
ME: hummm.....
"takes match to salt pot."
"atomic explosion"
ME: (coverd in more soot then the last 2 explosions cobined) dam.
even more lawsuits later...
ME: hummm....
" takes match to flour pot"
ME: I knew i should have listend to that detective book.....
some hours later....
ME: hummm......
and so it goes.....
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:lol: lol! both versions v funny!
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Both basically the same thing, the newer version just had better-drawn stuff and a few experimental improvements thrown in... ;)
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a surpore cup of coco ^^
DCLeadboot's avatar
...with too much sugar! :XD:
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Did you do the voices?

-If you did, I wan't you to voice act for Jam Episode 1 for mads, because Zody never answeres. ..
DCLeadboot's avatar
Yup! That's all me! :D
Sure, I could help you out if you note me the lines.
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:giggle: that was nice its sems as if the Scientist and his wife need cooking lessons XD
DCLeadboot's avatar
:XD: Indeed!
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hehe I enjoyed it :) Loved the 3D effect you used for the room at the start ^^
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