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Darien Test-Run

Getting back into working towards a potential future game-idea... only this time with Darien the Dart as the main playable-character. ;)
Something original in terms of context, due to how he can use his rope-dart as both a weapon and a grapnel-tool. I pretty much put this little test-program together:
a) To re-familiarise myself with the code needed to make a platform Flash-game work.
b) To try out new codes, such as setting up a camera control that works freely without messing up the collision-detections.
c) To improve old methods coding, allowing for things like smoother transitions between character-states.
d) To basically see if this idea was even going to work - in particular, the grapnel-mode.

Darien the Dart is my own character.
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theguywhohateshisnam's avatar
Awesome! Took me a while to get past the grapnel bit though Sweating a little... 
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks! It'll be quite a job to design all the levels, if I ever get around to this... :XD:;;

Yeah, guess it takes some practice...
Sumit-D's avatar
Very much good nice Character Animation too Please use ragdoll if u can
Sumit-D's avatar
Ya i mean Add ragdoll Behaviour Or In layman language add ragdoll simulation to ur character
DCLeadboot's avatar
I don't know anything about ragdoll simulation... that's rocket-science to me. ^^;
Everything Darien does here is solely through pre-done movieClip animations.
Sumit-D's avatar
NP man but U have done a real good work
Love the Character's Animation tooo
DCLeadboot's avatar
Ah well, thanks! ;) I like the cartoony style!
Sumit-D's avatar
Ur Welcome Dude!!
Ha and build some good Sidesrolling games
Good Luck :thumbsup:
BluebottleFlyer's avatar
Canny impressive, especially Darien's animations and the dual use of his crossbow. :nod: My only gripe is the controls, I think the arrow keys would be better for movement.
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, thanks very much! ;)
Rope-dart, actually, yeah.
Perhaps the cursor keys and W/A/S/D could both be made operational?
Woaddragon's avatar
Pretty good game.
It took a while to figure out the control, but beside that, I enjoy this little program test
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks! :)
Well, I guess I can revise the controls to let W/A/S/D or cursor-keys both work.
RTJDudek's avatar
The controls are a bit inconvenient, although it doesn't disturb me in enjoying this game. :)

The gameplay reminds me Jazz Jackrabbit and Captain Claw, still, none of those games offer crouching.
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks very much! :aww:
Well, OK - I'm thinking I could keep the W/A/S/D and Space-jump controls in there, as alternatives... I could still use the arrow-keys and Right-Ctrl as a main control choice?

Heh, heh... never heard of Captain Claw, but I guess Jazz Jackrabbit, Sonic and Rayman all have their influences somewhere... ;)
RTJDudek's avatar
Space and left mouse button are alright, and arrow keys would work better than W/A/S/D. Here's the website about Captain Claw [link] ( You can download the game from it )
DCLeadboot's avatar
Recently learning a little more about it, and downloaded the disc-image from a torrent... is it a good game? :)
RTJDudek's avatar
I consider it as good as Jazz Jackrabbit 2, although the game itself can be demanding in gameplay, since it has annoying save/load mechanism. It took me 3 attempts to complete first level without loosing a life ! xD
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Very nice! :)

It may only be a test-level, but the smooth animation makes it look ... so smooth! ^^;

Plays a lot like a "Sonic the Hedgehog"-ish game -
or at least, I feel urged to constantly try beating the level running around at full speed ... at which I end up failing. ^^;

If you intent on going into that direction, I'd suggest to include a second, smaller jump in mid-air to correct your flight-path ... as I kept failing at timing my jumps over and over again while trying to run around as fast as possible. ^^;


Sorry, this is very likely just because of my recent tasks at my job - but here's a list of minor bugs I stumbled upon for later improvement: ^^;
- In the crouching area, you can stand up by pressing "up".
- In the crouching area, if you let go of the controls and then to move by using left/right controls, it doens't work, because you'd also need to hold "down". But since the character is already in a crouched position, you wouldn't guess that at first.
- At the area with the moving plattform, when jumping with full speed from one side of the gap to the other, upon hitting the purple wall and sliding down said wall, the animation indicates that Darien is still falling, while he's already reached the ground.

... ^^;
Keep up the good work! :)
DCLeadboot's avatar
Now that's what I call feedback! ;)
Thanks, Ultra!

Yeah, Darien is meant to be faster and more athletic - improving on Frederick's old clunky platformers.
Perhaps I need to make more of that mid-air navigation. His movements work by acceleration, rather than sudden change of direction - maybe I need to give more control to him when jumping, because I'd slowed it down in the air (sacrificed fun for realism, I guess... gotta fix that) :XD:

Oh yeah, looking up while crouching - I noticed that myself, but forgot to fix it yet.

Should I allow him to keep moving while crouched? I noticed that had the same issue in Rayman (the original), where you had to keep down pressed so that he'd crawl through the gaps... another itch worth scratching!

Eh? What that about sliding down the wall? I thought I'd fix his collisions... :O
DragonRichard's avatar
You should make the arrow keys for the movement :3
DCLeadboot's avatar
I could always set up the Arrow Keys and Ctrl-Right for an alternative... :plotting:
Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it! :D
DragonRichard's avatar
We should team up some time :)
I always love to collaborate with friends in creaive projects ^^
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, nice! :aww: Actually, there's also someone else on here who expressed an interest in helping out with some of the designs... I certainly welcome a little help with scenery and level layouts, anyway... :giggle:
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