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Getting back into working towards a potential future game-idea... only this time with Darien the Dart as the main playable-character. ;)
Something original in terms of context, due to how he can use his rope-dart as both a weapon and a grapnel-tool. I pretty much put this little test-program together:
a) To re-familiarise myself with the code needed to make a platform Flash-game work.
b) To try out new codes, such as setting up a camera control that works freely without messing up the collision-detections.
c) To improve old methods coding, allowing for things like smoother transitions between character-states.
d) To basically see if this idea was even going to work - in particular, the grapnel-mode.

Darien the Dart is my own character.
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Awesome! Took me a while to get past the grapnel bit though Sweating a little...