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Crazy Cluedo

Originally based on a silly sound file that I saved from when I was playing with my system microphone - during a period of too much spare time. ^^;
This finished up as a Cluedo parody in which one of the main characters lies murdered as a maniacal killer stalks Arlington Hall.

In addition, the viewer gets to play sleuth by viewing to each suspect’s statement and guessing who the killer was before watching the most improbable ending. :D

The main characters and props are played by pictures scanned from the cards out of the original edition of the board game - but only in good fun.
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IneptArtisan's avatar
I got it right the first time! :la:

The humour is quite crazy here :XD: but I love it! :D
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... nice! :giggle:
Thanks very much! ;)
ashbasher22's avatar
HA HA!! Got it right first time!!! X3 Great flash, mate!!! I :lmao: at the female screams you've put in!!! :D
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... thanks very much! :giggle:
I really surprised myself with the scream I emitted for that - and to think it all came from a random recording-session, impersonating Mrs Peacock singing off-key in the shower... in falsetto, of course! :XD:
ashbasher22's avatar
You're so welcome!!! X3 :la: :la: :la: :la: :nuu:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Well, it is crazy... ;) (And old)
Khadyah3's avatar
That was awesome, I got it right on my first try >:3 And the conclusion was hilarious <3
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, good for you! ;) And thanks!
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
I couldnt believe it, he was my favorite character (despite I only played "Clue" only once)

The ending alone is you DC! =3 GReat job on the FLASH
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks! I guess that was just how the random soundclip finished up... ;)
Since I'd done the Mad Scientist previously, I thought it would be fun to turn this into a crazy sequel! :XD:
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
Or a spinoff! X3 I wonder what other games you're gonna parody next? Battleship?
DCLeadboot's avatar
I dunno... I've had a script planned for a long time for a six-part Flash story about Danbuster and Sonic joining forces... and, more recently, a spoof of Tomb Raider II. ;)
Sounds like a fair idea, though...
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
Tomb Raider is nice, or why not a shooter game from the arcades? The ideas are endless! XD
DCLeadboot's avatar
I'll have to think about that once I catch up with things... :XD:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh! :giggle:
Crazy, isn't it? Thanks for the fave! :)
foxpen's avatar
Oh yeah. Crazy. Hence the double O_O

Yessss...*sketchy look*
DCLeadboot's avatar
One of my earlier Flashes, and I didn't draw humans so well then.
As you probably guessed, the real Cluedo characters were scanned off the game cards... ;)
JohnJensen's avatar
Lol.. no one is who they play they are..

Wonderwomen.. Superman.. LOL!! :lmao:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks! Glad you liked it! :D
AlexisRoyce's avatar
This is absolutely insane! I love this, it's easily both the most mad and fun thing on Devart... :XD:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks! I'm honoured! :XD:
AlexisRoyce's avatar
You're welcome. :D Do you plan to make more?
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