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Cannon Wars - Updated



My latest in Flash games... loosely based on the old classic DOS-Game, Tank Wars! ([link])
I made this more as a tribute to the old game, for fun and as a challenge to see what I and ActionScript were capable of.

Now, if you can be bothered to read this ;) here is some info:
In the game menu, you get to set various options that effects how the game will play.
First of all, this is a multiplayer game, so there can be any number of cannon turrets from 2 to 8. Also, to allow a bit of a challenge, you get to decide whether each cannon is a human or CPU player. Just toggle the appropriate buttons. The CPU in this game is very simple at the moment. Computer players just point and shoot at random.

Other options available... there is the border effects option that you may remember from my Target Practice game:
0 = No borders
1 = Foam (rebounds bombs, but absorbs velocity)
2 = Elastic (rebounds bombs)
3 = Flubber (rebounds bombs, but increases velocity)
4 = Wrap-Around (warps bombs between left and right boundaries)
5 = Concrete (prevent bombs leaving the screen)

In this game, you also get to set wind levels. Under normal conditions, there will be an unpredictable wind that will constantly change during the game. Wind will affect how bombs fly, adding to the challenge.
The higher you set the wind levels, the stronger it can blow and the harder it is to aim your shots. :mwahaha:

The game works on a turn-based concept. When it's the turn of a human cannon you start the game, you control cannon with the following controls:
Left / Right = change turret angle.
Up / Down = change velocity (how hard you shoot).
Space = fire bomb.
Nuke 'em Button = self destruct... abruptly ends the game!
Number Keys 1-4 = change your current weapon, if you've made other weapons available. These can be allowed by uncrossing the appropriate boxes in the Game Menu.

Note: Cannons now have a Power gauge (HP). A cannon's firing ability is affected by how much HP it has left. When HP reaches 0, that cannon dies. Last cannon left standing wins the game.

:bulletred: I just added an extra Border Effect option... random! With this option, the border effects will switch randomly between bouncy walls, wrapped walls and concrete walls, a couple of seconds after each shot ends.
:bulletred: *AmberSpike pointed out that she was unable to mute the sounds when she wanted to... a very valid point. So I have now added a mute button in the game... it's next to the Nuke 'em button! ;)
:bulletred: Just for the hell of it, I added a bit of program that makes a cannon show how much damage it suffers when it takes a hit! :XD:
:bulletred: The turn-based AI is now improved to make the next cannon shoot immediately the previous one's bomb explodes... so game-play is sped up.
:bulletblue: One final big edit!! I've worked on Cannon Wars and there are now several more features, including more weapons and more cannon deaths. I also added a help feature to explain the controls fully.
:bulletpurple: Final edit, I hope. The collision detection is improved on the bomb blasts, so you need to be more accurate to damage other cannons. Also, I added some more information to the Instructions feature - so hopefully everything is explained for you now!
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