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Alex's Birthday Party



Long in the planning and nearly just as long in the production.
A Flash cartoon-feature that I made in collaboration with AlexRaccoonGlider as a sort of personal favour for his birthday... which was actually on September 27th - only we both kind of left it a little late, so this is ever so slightly a tiny bit belated... ^^;
Mostly based on a script that Alex wrote.

Anyway, long story short, the Dan Clan and many other dA buddies have been invited to the birthday party of their American RaccoonGlider at his house in the swamps of Florida... what could possibly go wrong...?

(I have to say though, the Flash is 52.1MB and has a runtime of 24 minutes, 27 seconds - so make sure you have plenty of freetime to watch this...)
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Well done on the animations DCLeadboot. I should be clapping my paws together because the way you animate is really fluent and smooth, on average the characters look like they are cartoon, and well designed, plus the opening is well timed. Just on this one thing is, you could've added a tad more expressions on Eva, your O.C and your other O.C's. The timing of the sounds were playing three times, maybe you can knock it down to two perhaps.

Q: Will Alex see this on his next birthday at all because I'll be happy it to send it to him.