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Alex's Birthday Party

Long in the planning and nearly just as long in the production.
A Flash cartoon-feature that I made in collaboration with AlexRaccoonGlider as a sort of personal favour for his birthday... which was actually on September 27th - only we both kind of left it a little late, so this is ever so slightly a tiny bit belated... ^^;
Mostly based on a script that Alex wrote.

Anyway, long story short, the Dan Clan and many other dA buddies have been invited to the birthday party of their American RaccoonGlider at his house in the swamps of Florida... what could possibly go wrong...?

(I have to say though, the Flash is 52.1MB and has a runtime of 24 minutes, 27 seconds - so make sure you have plenty of freetime to watch this...)
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Well done on the animations DCLeadboot. I should be clapping my paws together because the way you animate is really fluent and smooth, on average the characters look like they are cartoon, and well designed, plus the opening is well timed. Just on this one thing is, you could've added a tad more expressions on Eva, your O.C and your other O.C's. The timing of the sounds were playing three times, maybe you can knock it down to two perhaps.

Q: Will Alex see this on his next birthday at all because I'll be happy it to send it to him.
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Thanks very much! :aww:
But what did you mean by sounds playing three times? The soundtrack was set to Stream in Flash, meaning it plays in synch to the animation (so that if there's a lag, it still stays together)

Oh, and Alex has seen this Flash already; I made it for him... though much of the basic script was his. All I did was tidy things up a bit and add some ideas of my own.
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I see, I was curious if he saw it. I'm really impressed by the animations. I can do that as well but not as often as I used to.
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It was his birthday present (even if it was finished a little late), so of course he saw it... several times! :XD:
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Several times. dang.
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Well, he love to see my work - we're great friends, too
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I saw that. I do believe you saw my work as well.
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Not really, no. I have part-time work here, and my free-time at home is usually spent on my own projects. I don't really make enough time to do that... don't even know you, come to that... ^^;
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That was pretty good, tha animation was solid, the voice acting was good and humorous, and the cameos were pretty funny!
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Thanks very much! :D
My friends are pretty good with their lines, and I certainly have a bit of fun characterising my own OCs! I tend to play Danbuster, Frederick and Spencer better than I play myself! :XD:
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LOL, you all did a great job, I salute you all! :salute:
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Very nice animation! I love how you brought Alex and all those other characters to life!
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Heh, thanks very much! :D
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Alrighty! :)

Sorry for the, uh, "delay", but here is my 'review' of "Danbuster'S Danblasting Danbustering Adventure", aka 'Alex Birthday Flashmovie'. Incidentally, happy birthday to yourself also! :XD: :lol: ^^;

Lots of cute moments with very fluid (facial) animations all around! :nod:

Like when Spencer's ears flopped down, Alex grinning at the viewer when first introduced, or when he was all giddy about his "presents-presents-presents"! :giggle:
And those were some sick moves on Boaz and his insectile friends! :w00t:

"Everyone's ready to P-a-r-t-" "Why?" "Because we gotta!" Again, cute animation, funny face expression! :aww:

The "bathroom door opening sequence" totally was a "Resident Evil"-loading screen. :P
I almost expected that there would be zombies in the bathroom or something. ^^;

Ah, the use of hammerspace. Ever since writing "Daring Do and the Secret of the Fourth Wall", my long-running MLP:FiM meta-mystery fanfiction for over 2.5 years now, this sort of cartoon-logic stuff gets me thinking. If in a fictional world cartoon logic is just another set of underlying rules of the universe, superceeding physical and magical laws, then ... what can you film, if you put a camera in hammerspace? If you put and later pull out a clock from hammerspace, does it still accurately tell the time? Can people go to hammerspace? And what happens if they try to call upon hammerspace while inside hammerspace? :?

"He's still asleep at 10am." Ah, time zone troubles. Once had a professional proofreader living in the USA, and his sleeping hours were just a little... off. We almost never had a chance to talk live because of that. He practically stood up at what for me was 9pm, when I was about to go to bed 1 hour later. ^^;

"If I could rearange the alphabet, I would put U and Roger together". ...I'd find that hard to accomplish, seeing how "Roger" has two "R"s. "ABCDFHIJKLMNPQSTUROGEVWXYZ". See? It wouldn't work. :P
"We already are together" "As long as it doesn't involve ductape..." "Don't give her any ideas!" Hahaha, yes. ^^;

So... many... cameos... I only know, like 5% of who anybody there is. ^^;

Luke the Fox arrives, gets hit by a spin-dashing racoon, and both characters doing a Sonic-reference fall into the water ... shoulda played the 'drowning'-music. ;)   

I find it funny that, when Luke first arrives, he has no idea who Alex is, or that it is even a birthday-party... yet two minutes later he has a custom made sword as a birthday gift. Made with Euan's help. I smell Tardis-shenanigans! :XD:

"Well eat, drink, and... be yourself. But you do anything stupid with that sword I'll confiscate it and shove it down your throad sideways." YIKES! That escalated quickly! :O

Hmm... The Hydra's three heads all have the same voice, that's a bit disorienting; are the three heads seperate individuals like a conjoined tripplet, or a single individual...? :?

"I do believe you DO have the common sense to wield this blade."
Ah. I totally expected something to immediatelly go wrong after she said this. ^^;

"Now recite the creed we made" BY THE POWER OF GREYSCULL---- No? Not? oh, okay. :(

And then he does lightsaber noises wielding his actual real deadly sword. :roll:
Only thing more redundant would've been if it'd been an actual lightsaber while making the sounds himself. ^^;

"Welcome to my humble abode" ... Uh. Dude, you have a freakin' two-story-sized MECH standing in your front-yard. That sentence does not appear to be an appropriate description of your abode anymore at this point in time. :XD: ^^;

There are also lots of small quick jokes that I liked, such as, but not limited to:

Make up by CEMENT COOPERATION // Blimey, that's gonna hurt once it has to come off! ^^;
"Indiana Jones overview world map with red line" // What? No TRON-style race against another colored line on the map? ;)
"Mmm... hotwings!" // ...Given to him by two dragons, so yeah that makes sense. :nod:
Alex the Mailbox and Alex the Snail were my favourite transformations. :XD:
Restubnad asking for a "Left-handed glass" actually had me thinking for a second. ^^;
"Get on with it!!!" // Yikes, even the AUDIENCE wants Danbuster to 'get on with it'. Good fourth-wall breaking humor, that! :nod: :D
Nice touch on the music slow-down/speed-up when the Mech wouldn't start. :giggle:
Danbuster running across continents/oceans, Bugs Bunny(?) style // Well, he certainly gives a certain blue hedgehog a run for his money!
Aaaaand the Eiffeltower secretly is a rocket. Well. Didn't know they had those back in 1889, when the Eiffel tower was build.
Fun fact: Did you know what else began around the same year the Eiffel tower was built? Nintendo was founded. They made playing cards back then. =P
"It's quite obvious he's not answering the door" "Well he might at least answer me!"  // "Hello door, how are you today?" :roll:

Hmm... what caught me by surprise was the fact that Alex, who this was for, spoke his own lines. :O
Would've figured you'd get someone with a similar-enough voice to do that, in order to surprise him more effectively. Remember the Roger tribute? Roger didn't even know I was making it. Heck, he probably didn't even remember I had Flash, all he ever had seen from me before were my hacking videos, and a single 1-page comic.  He only found out when I sent him the file over MSN, 1 year 8 days 20 hours 41 minutes after I started making it. :XD:
(Or something to that effect, the exact time is written down in the "Bonus"-section of the flash file somewhere. ...I checked the timestamp on the first reference-file I downloaded.)

...Okay, okay, I totally went overboard with doing it that way, I know, I know. ^^; Chalk it up to being hopelessly OCD. :roll:
But Hah, that was totally a surprise for Roger. :XD:

Overall, a very lovely and fun animation! :nod:

Only "criticism" I can find is that some scenes could benefit from additional background music. Just something unintrusive playing quietly in the background. Or just ambient sounds, like birds, wind and such. Lots of "quiet" greetings before the TARDIS arrived, for instance. Though I can't "blame" you for it, my own flash cartoons also suffer from the same affliction. Only really becomes apparent to myself watching them years later. :shrug: ^^;
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Heh, heh... thanks! :aww:
Yup, my Flash skills came on streets over the intervening years - my two Flash cartoons with Cribbs the Cat should be an example of contrast... ;)

Heh, I'm not into the horror-genre, so any Resident Evil reference was bound to be pure blind coincidence... ;p

Yup, Danbuster's an expert with cartoon physics, being a cartoonist, so he messes with the hammerspace a lot! :XD:
A hammerspace within the hammerspace? Is this a reference to that scene from 8-bit Theatre webcomic, where the "Light Warriors" hid from that omniscient wizard antagonist by hiding in a hyperspace between two portable holes?

Yeah, timezones... reference to my conversations with Alex IRL, of course... where my bedtime is only just his dinnertime... ^^;

That's a lot of logic to apply to the "rearrange the alphabet" joke... but yeah, better keep them away from the duct-tape...

Alex, of course, wrote much of the script... sometimes, he leaves a few inconsistencies, I guess... and I missed them when I vetted the script to read better. And his raccoon-glider can be pretty goofy too... :XD:

The "Make up by CEMENT COOPERATION" - yeah, that was a joke-credit I thought up myself at random... :giggle:
Retsy's a regular troll, yeah... but he's developed that far as a antihero-villain character lately, there's no real harm in him... ;)
The audience, as well as the guests present...? :XD:
Heh, fun to mess about with the music in context with how epic the scene was... ;p
Actually, that "hello, door" gag could have been kind of funny... :giggle:

Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, Alex did write much of the script and I did the Flash largely as a favour to him for being a good friend all these years... so of course, he did his own lines too.
But agreed, if I'd had some suitable themes or ambience to play in all the scenes, it could have improved it a bit. At that late stage, I was just getting desperate to finish the project - that and I had that old trouble of the Flash files being too big to export. I ended up having to split it into bits and then using a handy (though limited-function demo) program that I downloaded, which can actually stitch SWFs back into one!

And thanks very much for the review! :aww:
I'll have to download your audio review too, so I can listen to that later...
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Reminds me of Zody's Birthday, but with more amazing things happening! I like the animation!!
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Yeah, it seems Alex copied a lot of my old material when it came to the idea and some parts of the script he originally drafted. When I made the actual animation, I had to alter it a bit (not to mention I had Frederick lampshade the similarity in the first scene...) :XD:
Still, the end product worked out pretty good - we can make great things together! Not to mention, my animation skills have come along by streets since those old cartoons.
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Wow that was a great Animation :excited:
I always love your animations, they're awesome as always
I recognize some of the characters in that film. ^^ You did
an excellent work!:D :star: 
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... thanks very much! :giggle:
Yup, certainly a lot of cameos in this... ;)
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Wow, this is amazing. Possibly the best Birthday animation I've seen since Zody's Party. And its great to see everyone there having a critter birthday bash. That Warriors oath is awesome too like Alex, Luke and Dan have formed a Chivalric order.The Order  And it was funny seeing Dan flying that. It's like what would happen if Dan was in Starfox and doesn't know how to fly an Arwing. (unless he gets told to barrel roll XD)

Awesome animation mate, well done. 
DCLeadboot's avatar
Thanks very much, mate! :aww:
Yeah, the choice of music and much of the script came from Alex (I forgot to state that in the end-credits, so I had to point it out in the description) - but it worked, that's for sure.
Seems we can make good things when we all work together! :)
And indeed, if Danbuster was in the Starfox crew, the Alphawolf squadron would never be able to touch him at that speed! ;)
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
Don't you mean "Star Wolf"? XD But yeah I agree...
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