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Silver Moon - Scientific Outpost - Savanna

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On Yindako's north pole, there's an arid grassy island home to the research firm Veo's Bioengineering. Yindako has very little axial tilt, so the poles experience perpetual sunset that slowly races along the horizon. In the case of the north pole, it is an ocean where warm ocean currents circulate freely around an extinct volcano which is this island. So it experiences a comfortably balmy 21-26 degrees all year long. rain is scare and usually only comes in the form of summer cyclones. So the climate is relatively dry. As such, the only plants here are monophytes since mutualism with fungi requires lots of moisture. Migratory Avibs will also fly here during the orbital winter to feed on seeds and the smaller animals that live here, and also to mate.

The labs here are the primary research and testing facilities of Veo's Bioengineering, a research firm dedicated to biology and biochemistry. They and Yumo's labs are commisioned by Ergo's Medical Innovations to develop medical technology and medicines. The buildings are a popular architectural design on Yindako called multiplexes that are ideal for high-density working buildings where some rooms are also huge and open. As such, they hold various biospheres and terraria to emulate the diverse homes of the many organisms they study.
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