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Planet Ordalt and Arcon

Arcon (also called Ordalt I) is a desert moon 121 lightyears from Earth in the constellation Taurus. Its primary planet Ordalt has a somewhat eccentric orbit that makes it dive in and out of the habitable zone of its star, Faux Aldebaran, a G-type star.

Arcon's climate is cool and dry, though the temperature varies somewhat wildly depending on the season and time of day. Nights can get as cold as -40 C (-40 F) and days can be a sweltering 57 C (135 F). Its highly-inclined, tidally-locked orbit with Ordalt can cause perpetual day or night anywhere shallow above the equator. Though no precipitation has ever been reported on Arcon, it has a dense nitrogen and carbon-dioxide atmosphere with pressures similar to Earth's, providing much protection as the moon dives in and out of Ordalt's radiation fields. Light cloud cover and breezy conditions help distribute temperature around the dry world, making it a bit more comfortable.

Arcon is home to Artifact Ordaltii 7, an ancient shipwreck that's been turned into an active lawless city by various high-profile pioneers. It's a common place for blackmarkets, rogue fights, and ship building and maintenance, though it's also heavily monitored by Martials who carefully watch for wanted pioneers to pass through. The city is scattered with oxygen filters that fill the million-year-old ship with oxygen downwind from them, so visitors and denizens can breathe here safely and comfortably without much breathing apparatus.

Pieces from the surface of Arcon:…

Base texture of Ordalt is from Chromattix's Gas Giant Textures.
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Very nice colours on the main planet. The hazy blue atmosphere contrasting against the brownish clouds looks very natural. A nice use of my gas giant resources :D

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How did you do it?
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Nitrogen in the atmosphere would be a signature of life to anyone carefully observing Arcon.   Tidal forces with the large gas giant could cause quakes?
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I thought about giving it a sort of system of subterranean lakes and caves that could be the last bastions of life around volcanic activity, which would also contribute to the CO2 in the atmosphere.
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Omaigod esta majestuso!!!!!!!! nuevo fondo :3
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Nice! wonder what story this holds...
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That would be a beautiful planet to live on 
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I like how the background feels like the space... endless! Great work!
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The people who really do the good stuff on da get no attention
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Awesome! Incredible colors and the clouds look so realistic. Great work! Dr.Steel claps fo you 
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