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Global Dubai

Had'yarrah, 300 Julian years ago, Was a world with plenty of ocean but with hot, desert continents. The main continent, Misumudh, was a very popular shopping district and the richest place in the galaxy. They had hotels and estate beyond what most can afford, soft thick carpets that you bury your hand in, and perfumes and colognes made from concentrated pheromones contained in a bottle made of gold. It was truly an oasis in a desert world.

Then, one day, the government decided...

:iconlolguyplz::iconsaysplz:"let's make man-made land on the poles!"

So they did using some of the atolls in the shallow waters of their planet's poles. Soon, atolls became small islands. Islands became archipelagos. Archipelagos became large strips of land. Eventually, it got to a point where warm ocean currents couldn't access the poles. So it began cooling. freezing temperatures began adding ice sheets to reflect sunlight. A nearby continent didn't help at all. Soon, it started snowing in Misumudh. These arctic fronts caused it to rain in the tropical regions of the continents and turn deserts into rain forests. The rains began producing free oxygen from the silicate rocks cooling the planet further. Rainforests turned into tundras. All this ice was reflecting sunlight away from the planet cooling it even more. CO2 produced by volcanic activity was becoming trapped in the ice. Soon, Had'yarrah fell victim to a runaway snowball effect and became an endless arctic desert. Civilizations still thrive, but are still adapting to their little favorable accident! Plenty of water, increased metabolism for a boom in food industry, staying warm to encourage sexual affection, etc. It's not what they intended, but it's better than having little islands in weird places!
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Cool. Nice story too. What did you use to make this?
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congratz :D your planets are more realistic than eny space art i have ever seen before :D
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You have some pretty kick-ass space art too!
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Ouch... poor guys, should have done their research before doing that...
At least Dubai does it... I think...
I do like that place, hope they keep thriving, thanks to them the idea of a vertical 1 km city tower went from being pausible by 2100 to being pausible NOW!
I want to see the Khalifa tower... it's SO beautiful... like most things there... XD
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I want to go to Dubai someday... Their aquariums and restaurants are quite lovely I hear. Dubai does in fact have two manmade islands with estate.

As for Had'yarrah, the government and its scientists aren't very well in sync with each other... That's why Had'yarrah's jumper technology wasn't applied to their military.
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LOL, indeed.
Dubai only has a few islands, depending on how you count them...
The three palms are technically islands, as their only connection to the mainland is a bridge.
The World is an archipiellago already, god knows how many islands.
What else is there?
I heard them say: "We already built the world, now we will build the universe" How exactly do you make a bunch of islands into the Universe? A sphere? Blobs scattered at random?
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LOL, what if they tried to make an island of a supergiant star? XD
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What would it be like? A huge circle? Or would they go with the actual star shape?
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If they want to make the solar system, they should pepper the whole world with "stars" islands.
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then it would be the Galaxy, not the Solar System, as the latter has only one star. Unless we could Tichee which might or not exist.
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I meant if since they would make universe islands.
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Love the color gradient effect in the atmosphere. I did the same thing with my Earth models.
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I think I made a mistake on this one. :P
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