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Dono-Do - Remake

Remake of a very old deviation of mine.
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I guess that moon's had time to cool down a little since your original, huh? ;)
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It has its moments.
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Very nice volcanic moon, love the effect of the glow at the poles.
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Very well done. I love simplistic pieces like this.
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It's a very best version :3
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Headcanon: Dono-Do just had a rough, wild night with Jinbo and now has it's butt hurt.
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POT TWIST: Dono-Do (used to) orbit Ha-Do, not Minerva. So you can't ship them unless you really wanted to.
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And since when the two getting shipped have to live in the same house? (If they both orbited Minerva, I would look at it as incest. Not That it would make a difference to me. :P)
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Speaking of which, I was wondering; Is it a thing to ship characters who canonically never interact with each other? I guess it's possible, but I only see OTPs of characters who display even slight affection in canon.
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Yes, perfectly possible, specially if the two of them would have had great chemistry/friendship if they had meet.
If not, it falls into crack pairing territory. (WTF pairings, like someone shipping Hector/Dimotane)
Otps do generally fall within the main characters, as they have more screen time and thus more chances to talk to others in shippable ways.
SOme secondary characters might get OTP-ed if they are hot enough, like in Death Note, a dude called Matt appeared for a grand total of less than 10 minutes, one of the biggest pairings. (I heard he appears more in the manga though)
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