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Barren World

A world probably the size of Mars. There's no life on land due to the weaker magnetosphere. And the ocean-lake-things are probably giant brine pools filled with crustaceans and the like.

Something I haven't done in a while.
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Awesome, it seems like the perfect world to terraform.
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Hi DCkiq,

I was wondering if it's oke if I use your planet in some artwork of mine?
I'm searching for planets that I can use for my artwork and I stumbled upon Barren World.

Just to paint you a picture: My artworks are huge nebulas with planets on the foreground.

I will be selling my artwork, locally in Holland, and I hoped to get your approval before using Barren World.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

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Love this! The speculative scientist in me wants to know the atmospheric makeup and pressure at sea level along with the pH of the lake-oceans. Those would be the first in a long list of questions. Damn, awesome work like this just reminds me I was born a century or two too early.  
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The atmosphere would probably be somewhat thin (0.6-0.65 atm) and carbonaceous and full of nitrogen, with about 10% free oxygen thanks to diminished volcanic activity and the rich phytoplankton that inhabit the briny seas, conentrated to 15% with dissolved salts. Basically, imagine the world as a cool desert with the seas being salty, perpetual vernal pools~
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Such a planet would bring up the question Carl Sagan once touched on briefly about terraforming and whether it would be ethical on worlds where "simple" native life already existed. Thanks for the reply, and I'll say it again, awesome work.
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Falta as calotas polares geladas. A qualidade está boa, muito criativo, bem realístico.
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i love this planet
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did you use 3D making tool?
i would like to know hot to create this.
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It was made in Cinema 4D. With an atmosphere shader plugin. All it is with three spheres, each with an atmosphere, cloud, and surface textures.
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Thanks for kindness.
so did you draw the landscapes and added clouds and atmosphere? or just put a texture?
I am interested in the software, I want to create my original one like this [link]
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The surface itself depends on what I wanna make. If I'm just making a random planet, I just generate a random texture playing with noise and colorizer gradients. If it's a major world that I bring up multiple times, I have maps saved that I made in Photoshop.

The clouds are a separate texture. They are nothing more than a cloud map (royalty-free easily found on Google) alpha with bump applied. The atmosphere is made with a special plugin
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thanks for critical answer. I always want to hear how the art like this is done.
they provide free trial, I must try it! :)
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suave , realista, magnifico
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what program u used? 3d max?
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Cinema 4d R11.5 with the Atmosphere Shader plugin.
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How exactly do you make your water? I've tried a few things but they never come out right.
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I used C4D. Open up the material and, in the Color Channel, Use the Colorizer shader with a Noise shader in it. I used Naki noise, but play around to see what you like. In Colorizer, set the colors as so [link]. (You can steal these colors if you want.) Make sure to widen the Material Editor window so you can make finer adjustments in the gradients.

Now go back out to the color channel, and right-click the Colorizer, "Copy Channel". Now go into the Specular Color channel and and right-click "Paste Channel." [link]

Now in that colorizer, change all ocean gradients to white and land to black. This'll make the oceans shiny, but not land. [link] Be careful not to move the border gradients AT ALL. Otherwise, it'll look funny.
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Ah okay. I don't have C4D so I wonder if I can apply this to Blender.
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I've never used Blender, but give it a go! It must have an equivalent.
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Aye, but the probable is that I'm still not very good with doing much more then creating low poly models. Material settings, normal maps, shaders etc etc are all way over my head. :P
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Can you load images as a texture? If so, I can bake the texture for you as a JPEG.
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